Chuck Loeb - Presence
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Chuck Loeb - PresencePresence is about rich melodies and a fresh groove; Chuck Loeb is a musician who knows how to work the human elements, and the presence of his personnel to bring a release to life.


Chuck Loeb - Presence  

Chuck Loeb - Presence    

Presence: Good to Go, Rikki Don't lose That Number, Window of the Soul, Starting Over, Llevame, Presence, The Music Outside, The Western Sky, Hangin' With You, Mr. Martino, Shed a Little Light     

Personnel: Chuck Loeb: guitars, keyboards, drum programming; Dave Mann: saxophones, flutes, horn arrangement; Ron "Buttercup" Jenkins: bass guitar; Will Lee: bass; Matt King: piano; Brian Killeen: bass; Josh Dion: drums, percussion; Carmen Cuesta: vocals; Mike Ricchiuti: piano, rhodes; Carl Carter: bass; Nathan Ecklund: trumpet, trombone; Till Brönner: trumpet, flugelhorn; Wolfgang Haffner: drums; Christian Diener: acoustic bass; Mitchel Forman: strings, string arrangement; Andy Snitzer: alto sax; Tom Schumann: piano; Brian Dunne: drums  

Presence is Chuck Loeb's debut release on Heads Up International. Chuck Loeb, an accomplished guitarist, arranger, composer, and producer, has spanned four decades and seven solo albums, making his mark across genres, and different media (TV and motion pictures); he works a melody as few musicians can. Chuck is a student of music, though he possessed natural talent and was self-taught, he studied at Berklee College of Music, and with jazz greats such as Jim Hall and Dennis Sandole. In addition, he has played with jazz legends such as Chico Hamilton, Stan Getz, Ray Barreto, and Hubert Laws. He is a mainstay on both the New York and international music scene, logging numerous hours as a session musician and playing with various groups over the past 20+ years. His latest release Presence is about the human element in making music and in everyday life. As Chuck states, "It is about the effect that an individual's personality has on the music, both in the context of a recording and in a live setting."   

There are eleven tracks on Presence, nine written by Chuck, and all eleven arranged and mixed by him. His style of creating music around a strong melody is heard throughout the release. The first track Good to Go is smooth jazz with some bounce to the melody, the song was a collaborative arrangement with Andy Snitzer and Paul Brown; it was a track that seemed to float between the three musicians and as Chuck states, "When it was good to go, we decided that we might as well just call it that." The Steely Dan classic Rikki Don't Lose That Number is the second track, Chuck takes the tempo down and infuses Dave Mann on saxophone and flute with his guitar work. The tracks Window of the Soul, Starting Over, and the title track Presence are poignant tracks that highlight Chuck's talent for using phrases and motifs to control and embellish melodies that make you want to play the songs over-and-over again.   

The track Llevame features Carmen Cuesta on vocals and has Chuck working quadruple duty covering all of the instruments (guitar, keyboards, fender and synth bass, and drum programming). This track was written more than two decades ago, but after hearing its Latin rhythmic sound you can understand why this melody never left Chuck's head; he dropped in a new bridge and finally recorded it.   

The track Mr. Martino is a tribute to the legendary guitarist Pat Martino. This track contains a groove that picks up with the first note and carries it throughout the song. Chuck's splendid guitar work sets up the track, with Brian Killeen and Josh Dion holding down the bass-line while Matt King's fingers dance on the keyboards.   

Chuck closes the release with another classic, this time from James Taylor, entitled Shed a Little Light. The melodies are superb as Chuck layers in a horn section (saxophones and flutes), along with piano, organ, bass, drums, and of course, guitar, for an upbeat track to close out this great release.    

Websites where you can procure Presence are Heads Up, iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe, and Max Albums.  

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