Julia Joseph - Hush
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Julia Joseph - Hush Julia Joseph is not waiting to be found, she is waiting to be appreciated; Hush is Julia's debut release.    




Julia Joseph - Hush

Julia Joseph - Hush

Hush: dreams, trouble, hush, so much, home, sleep, the sweetest thing, sisyphus, blue, soldier, the luckiest girl  

Personnel: Julia Joseph: lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, kalimba; Jimmy Mulhollan: electric guitar; Michael Ross: electric guitar; Steve Cardenas: electric guitar, acoustic guitar; Mike Crehore: electric guitar, acoustic guitar; Jeff Eyrich: bass; Zev Katz: bass; Geroge Mei: drums, brushes on paper; Jan Rosen: piano, hammond b3; Janie Barnett: backing vocals;  Emma Rivera: backing vocals; Katie Travis: backing vocals; Delilah: backing vocals  

Hush  is an independent self-produced release by Julia Joseph in affiliation with BEPOP Records. This is Julia's debut release, but rest assured there will be more from this talented artist. Born with the gift of a passionate and engaging voice, Julia has learned to use her gift as she does not just sing for her audience, she sings to her audience. Julia is quoted as saying, "I love to sing live as I draw from the audience;" though I have not had the opportunity to hear her perform live, on Hush I could feel her determination and presence, she has that unique ability to ‘capture' her audience. To think that this young talented singer/songwriter struggled with music lessons, questioned her future in music, and did not formally pick up the guitar until her college days, just adds to the allure of Julia Joseph. 

Hush features eleven tracks of which Julia wrote ten and sings on all eleven. Her one-word song titles are like her songs and her arrangements, they are to the point and are packed with emotion and feeling.  Her style could be compared with so many famous female singer/songwriters, though, as I have written in the past, comparisons are used to create a reference point, and Julia, stands on her own. With this said, once you have heard Julia, you know that other singer/song writers will be compared to her in a few years.  The release opens with the track dreams that sets the tone for the entire CD; I appreciate when a release is produced with a focus on the musical journey, versus just laying down tracks. Dreams contains an acoustic flare along with Julia's vocals that wraps Julia around you like your favorite scarf on a cold day. This feeling of comfort moves you to the track trouble, which is a soulful blues song that renders you weak as Julia sings of "picking up the pieces," and "crying alone in my bed," but Julia belts out strength as she sings "I'll just get right back up, round after round."  The title track Hush is a combination of soul and jazz along with Julia's skillful arrangement, and of course her great lyrics and commanding voice.  Her songs tell a story of Julia; they put a spin on this charismatic performer, who no matter how bad or challenging things may get, she uses her gift as a musician to create opportunities.   

After giving Hush a spin you will realize, as so many are realizing, that this excellent debut release is just the beginning; Julia Joseph is not waiting to be found, she is waiting to be appreciated. 

Websites where you can procure Hush are BEPOP Records and CD Freedom.  

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