Ray Blue - Transvision
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Ray Blue - TransvisionRay Blue is a jazz musician who knows how to arrange his sound with other musicians, and on Transvision, his arrangements are not about him, but about the total compilation.  


Ray Blue - Transvision

Ray Blue - Transvision       

Transvision: Attitude, Classic Meeting, Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, My friend and I took a Walk, Transvision       

Personnel: Ray Blue: saxophonist, composer, arranger, co-producer; Daoud-David Williams: multi percussionist, co-producer; Michael Cochrane: piano; Calvin Hill: bass; Bruce Cox: drums; Willie Williams: conga-percussionist; Joan Minor: spoken word

Bauer Studios released Transvision on the Neu Klang label. I had reviewed other releases that Ray Blue and many of the personnel on Transvision participated on, (please read the Music Scene - Spirit of Life Ensemble - a little oasis), so I knew that Transvision would be tight, creative, and worth listening to; I was not wrong. I know Ray and his co-producer Daoud-David Williams personally, thus when I saw that Ray had listed the release from "Ray Blue and Cross Continental Spirits," I knew that this would be a collaboration with some of the best musicians in the industry. The personnel on Transvision work independently, and many work long international gigs, but it seems that when one of the group has a project ready to be recorded, the individuals make time to contribute; the bond that holds the personnel together is stronger than music, it is respect, admiration, and love for their fellow performer, and the music reflects this philosophy. 

Transvision is five tracks that note-for-note pack a powerful sound; as Ray writes, "we recorded in a classic style, not too many tunes, make a statement and move on to the next idea." Ray Blue wrote four tracks and arranged all five tracks. Ray is a musician who knows how to blend his sound with the other musicians, and his arrangements are not about him, but about the total compilation. The lead track Attitude is full of attitude, it features some great individual solos as Ray lets the group spread their wings and loosen up, and the result is a progressive, fused sound, not a series of random solos. When I listened to the track Classic Meeting, I could feel that special feeling that I had when I happened upon my love at first sight, and love of my life, my wife, Debra C. Argen. Classic Meeting is a beautiful and heart rendering song that shows off the true talents of the ensemble. The third track Softly as in a Morning Sunrise is a jazz standard that swings, it features Ray on saxophone and Michael Cochrane on piano; Ray takes the arrangement's tempo down a bit, but nothing is lost as this standard still pops. My friend and I took a Walk features Joan Minor providing the spoken word to complement Ray's mesmerizing saxophone; in addition, the lyrics embody the friendship between the band members. The last track Transvision takes us home with an up-tempo beat that connects all of the players musically and spiritually.  Ray writes, "As our life paths intersect we experience several transformations and find elements of true friendship," this encapsulates the release Transvision.

Websites where you can procure Transvision are Ray Blue and Amazon.

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