Roswell Rudd and The Mongolian Buryat Band - Blue Mongol
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Roswell Rudd and the Mongolian Buryat Band - Blue Mongol The elements of music take center stage, genre independent, musically rich - Welcome to Roswell Rudd and the Mongolian Buryat Band - Blue Mongol.    



Roswell Rudd and the Mongolian Buryat Band - Blue Mongol     

Roswell Rudd and the Mongolian Buryat Band - Blue Mongol     

Roswell Rudd and The Mongolian Buryat Band - Blue Mongol: The Camel, Gathering Light, Behind The Mountains, Steppes Song, Djoloren, Four Mountain, Buryat Boogie, Blue Mongol, Bridle Ringing, Ulirenge, American Round, The Leopard, Honey On The Moon 

Personnel: Roswell Rudd: trombone, mellophone and scat singing; Battuvshin Baldantseren: throat singer, limbe (flute), ikh khur (horse hide bass), khomus (jaw's harp); Badma Khanda: vocals; Dmity Ayurov: morin khur (horse head fiddle); Kermen Kalyaeva: lochin (dulcimer), khalmyk dombra (lute); Valentina Namdykova: yatag (zither)  

Blue Mongol was produced by Roswell Rudd and Verna Gillis on the Sunnyside Records label. What does traditional Mongolian music have in common with jazz and blues, well in the hands of music innovators such as Roswell Rudd and Battuvshin Baldantseren it all came together. I love to learn new things, so when I picked up the release Blue Mongol, I was a bit intrigued, as well as curious, to hear how the different, but similar, roots of music would come together. This will not be a history lesson, but the roots of blues and jazz have some similarities to the traditional folk music of the Mongolians, especially if you consider the geographical location and the natural migration of people over the years. One of the similar sounds is the deep strong low bass note (called a fundamental), which is common with throat music and with the trombone, and of course within jazz and blues music.  So, enough of the my rudimentary history lesson, but if you are curious you can do your own detailed research, or just listen to the Blue Mongol and hear for yourself.  

Roswell Rudd, a legendary jazz and blues musician, as well as an exceptional trombone player, provides the bridge between cultures, melodies and notes. The sound and tone produced by the instruments from Mongolia have that distinct traditional Asian music resonance, and when infused with the seductive sound of the trombone you have a rich complementary outcome. When I first heard the release, I was astonished by how well the three elements of: throat music, trombone, and the traditional Mongolian instruments blended. If you are looking for an innovative jazz release, this would be worth giving a listen;  if you looking for some new Blues music, this has the soul of blues woven within its fabric. If you like to listen to music that crosses genres, music that crosses musical boundaries, and music like no other that you have ever heard, than this is an excellent selection.  

The title track Blue Mongol pulls all the elements together; you have Roswell Rudd on trombone, and throat singer Battuvshin Baldantseren playing side-by-side, and to hear the similarity in tone as the two instruments are played is astounding. The track Buryat Boogie is a fun song that contains the swing and tempo of boogie music while it centers on the trombone, and brings in the fluttering vocals of Badma Khanda, the scat of Roswell Rudd, and the distinct sound of the traditional Mongolian instruments.  

After listening to the release a few times, I thought this would be perfect for the background music in a progressive spa. You have the familiar sound of traditional Asian music, which is common in the spa setting, but you have that distinct flare of jazz and blues.  Blue Mongol is a fun release; this was not a musical experiment, this release was born out of the love for music, and the passion of Roswell Rudd and Battuvshin Baldantseren. 

A few website where you can procure Roswell Rudd and The Mongolian Buryat Band - Blue Mongol are Sunny Side Records, Yahoo, Barnes & Noble, and Artist Direct.  

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