Kermit Ruffins with the Rebirth Brass Band - Throwback
Written by Edward F, Nesta   

Kermit Ruffins and the Rebirth Brass Band - ThrowbackKermit Ruffins and the Rebirth Brass Band create a party with the release Throwback.



Kermit Ruffins and the Rebirth Brass Band - Throwback 

Kermit Ruffins with the Rebirth Brass Band - Throwback   

Throwback: Make Way for the Rebirth; Mr. Big Stuff; Here To Stay; Mardi Gras Day; It's Later Than You Think; Happy Weekday Blues; I Got a Woman; What is New Orleans Part 2; Just a Closer Walk with Thee; Happy Birthday; Rebirth Medley: My Song, Pie pt. 2, Mexican Special; Up in tha Hood    

Personnel: Kermit Ruffins: trumpet, vocals; Philip Frazier: tuba; Keith Frazier: bass drum; Derrick Tabb: snare drum; Derek Shezbie: trumpet; Glen Andrews: trumpet; Stafford Agee: trombone; Corey Henry: trombone; Vincent Broussard: tenor sax; Troy Andrews: trombone solo on Mardi Gras Day; Mary Griffin vocals on Just a Closer Walk with Thee, and Up in tha Hood; David Torkanowsky: wurlitzer on Up in tha Hood ; Christina Ruffins, Neshia Ruffins, Jimmy Slack, III, and A'Jon Jones: vocals on Happy Weekday Blues and Happy Birthday; Ajay Mallory: vocal percussion; Alfred Weston: vocals; Reed Watson: cowbell; Percy Williams: percussion; Keng: turntables   

Throwback was released under the Basin Street Records label. A rebirth, after 12+ years, for Kermit Ruffins and the Rebirth Brass Band, which he was a founding member, as they reunite for another party, music style. Kermit Ruffins is to brass bands and New Orleans music what a mouthpiece is to a trumpet, only when they are together are they ready to make music. Kermit has been making music since a young age, and his dedication to his instrument and his craft are what sets him apart. When he plays, he creates a party, which comes from his gift of giving of his music, and his energy. Kermit has played all over the world, but he is rooted in New Orleans, with the legendary Louis Armstrong a major influence in his music, and his life.  

Therefore, what happens when you reunite after a 12+ year hiatus? You get a powerful pulsating release with Kermit doing his best Louis Armstrong and belting out vocals while playing a mean trumpet, and he is backed by the Rebirth Brass Band's horn and percussion sections lead by Kermit's longtime friend Philip Frazier on tuba, and to quote Kermit regarding Phil, "the best tuba player on the scene, that's all there is to it." With the release Throwback, they turn-the-pages back to where it all started for Kermit and Phil, back to their Brass Band days playing in the French Quarter for money and for the love of music, at a time when they were catching a few gigs here and there until they were ‘found,' and started on the grueling travel circuit. Throwback is a retrospective of music and influences, it includes songs from their early days, as well as it brings together the diverse and influential New Orleans music scene, which over the past 12+ years has affected each member in different ways.

Kermit wrote many of the songs for Throwback, showing that he has not lost his feeling for creating a party and integrating the distinct components of the Brass Band sound. You hear the jazz influence on tracks like It's Later Then You Think, and Happy Weekday Blues; the Rebirth Brass Band shines on the tracks Rebirth Medley: My Song, Pie Pt. 2, Mexican Special, and Make Way for the Rebirth, and he closes the release with some hip-hop rapping on the track Up in tha Hood.  

A few websites where you can procure Kermit Ruffins with the Rebirth Brass Band - Throwback are Basin Street Records, Yahoo, Louisiana Music Factory, CD Universe, and Amazon.  

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