Napoleon House
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Napoleon House Napoleon House by Mikko Macchione and Kerri McCaffety celebrates the history of this famous New Orleans establishment.



Napoleon House One cannot think of old-time New Orleans saloons without thinking about The Napoleon House. The Napoleon House is wonderfully ancient, delightfully dark, with the alluring smell and patina that comes with age; the only apparent change to the place is the change of the clothing and the hairstyles on the patrons who now come to The Napoleon House to drink Pimm's Cups, their house specialty drink. Owned by the Impastato family since 1914, The Napoleon House defines the New Orleans saloon.   

Nicholas Girod, mayor of New Orleans (1812 - 1815), resided in the building and offered his residence to Napoleon in 1821 during his exile, and although Napoleon never did make it to New Orleans, the building became known as The Napoleon House. Throughout the years locals, celebrities, artists, writers, and tourists, have flocked to the famous 200-year old bar and restaurant, to soak up the atmosphere, have a drink with friends, and to savor typical New Orleans food.   

Kerri McCafferty and Napoleon House Book at Tales of the Cocktail 2006
Kerri McCafferty

Writer Mikko Macchione, and award-winning photographer Kerri McCaffety, teamed up to create Napoleon House (Published for Cheers Publishing, LLC by Vissi D'Arte Books, released August 2006). Napoleon House is a gorgeous coffee table book that captures the integral essence of The Napoleon House through delightful stories, anecdotes, and stunning photographs that provide an insight into the history and the charm of this venerable and well-loved establishment. The book combines history with recipes, including classic cocktail recipes for Mint Julep, Sazerac, Gin Fizz, The Napoleon House's signature drink the Pimm's Cup, and other cocktails, as well as The Napoleon House's signature food dishes, which include recipes for Seafood Gumbo, Napoleon House Muffuletta, Creole Jambalaya, and more.

The Napoleon House book would make a great gift for lovers of New Orleans history and culture, as well as for your favorite chef or mixologist on your gift list.

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