Mickey Lee - She's The Girl Marie Marie
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Mickey Lee - She's The Girl Marie MarieShe's The Girl Marie Marie - Just Good Old Rock-n-Roll from Århus, Denmark.    



Mickey Lee - She's The Gril Marie Marie   

Mickey Lee - She's The Girl Marie Marie      

Mickey Lee - She's The Girl Marie Marie: She's The Girl; No Money; Marie, Marie; Walkman Song; Jet Lag; Ever Since; Jesus Christ; I Dream a Dream; American Beauty; I Will Love You; Crazy; Hacienda 

Personnel: Mickey Lee: vocals; Frank Thøgersen: drums and percussion; Henrik Skriver: guitars and bass; Rasmus Stenholm: keyboards, background vocals; Rune Westberg: background vocals; Disse: background vocals  

She's The Girl Marie Marie is an In The House Records release. I met Mickey Lee at his restaurant Mackie's Cantina in Århus, Denmark, which is full of rock and roll memorabilia along with great music and of course great pizza. I struck up a conversation with our server as she was informing us that at Mackie's Cantina, you eat pizza with your hands, okay, just like the rest of the world, but in Denmark, they are known to use utensils for their pizza, but I digress. I asked about the great memorabilia such as the electric guitars, rock and roll artist photos, records hung on the wall, and more, and upon mentioning the Luxury Experience Magazine Music Scene section, I was presented a copy of She's The Girl Marie Marie.   

Prior to buying  Mackie's Cantina, Mickey Lee was a roadie in the glory days of rock-n-roll, working with bands such as Van Morrison, Walker Brothers, and the Animals; he traveled the world finally ending up in Århus, Denmark where he settled down and bought Mackie's Cantina, BUT he never lost his roots for rock-n-roll. Mickey Lee and producer/engineer Henrik Skriver (studio muscian for many Danish artists, and who once played with B B  King) co-wrote all the songs on She's The Girl Marie Marie.  

Listening to She's The Girl Marie Marie I felt the influences of all the greats of rock-n-roll wrapped up in the release. There are riffs, segments, pacing, and tempos that let your mind wander to Rolling Stones, Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jerry Lee Lewis, but this is not a compilation of covers, by no means; this release is 12 original rock-n-roll tracks. The title track She's The Girl rolls with the guitar solo of Henrik Skriver while telling the story that sometimes "the girl you have always dreamed about" is standing right in front of you.  No Money is a fast-paced rocker that allows the band members a little freedom to explore their instruments, and the result is a great rockin' track. Marie, Marie slows it down a bit focusing on the vocals to tell the story of "My Sweet Marie" while carrying that solid rock-n-roll fusion.  

The lyrics convey feelings of someone's past on songs like She's The Girl, Marie, Marie, Ever Since, American Beauty, Hacienda, and Jet Lag, maybe from Mickey Lee's road weary roadie days, and there are songs that are tuned into some current trends such as on Walkman Song, and Jesus Christ. Music comes from the heart and soul, as well as it is strongly influenced by things that happen to people, on She's The Girl Marie Marie, you have a little of everything coming together, and a lot of good rock-n-roll. 

A few websites where you can procure She's The Girl Marie Marie are In The House Records, and CD Shoppen , or you can send an email to Mickey Lee at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text84055 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //-->\n This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

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