Creole Hats of Martinique
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Traditional Hats of MatiniqueFor a woman in Martinique, wearing a traditional hat is more than just a fashionable accessory; it is a statement.


Women love wearing hats as evidenced by the photos of fashionable women wearing their beautiful and often outrageous hats at Ascot, at the Kentucky Derby, at Royal weddings, at Afternoon Teas, and even by the Red Hat Society, however, when a woman in Martinique wears a traditional Creole hat it is much more than just for fashion, she is looking to make an explicit statement, as the style of the hat she wears can imply an extensive significance of meanings.

Traditional Creole HatsWhen selecting a traditional Creole hat in Martinique, there is much more to consider than the color of the madras that is used in making the traditional clothing and hats, you must consider the statement that you wish to make, which is more than just making a fashion statement, it is a declaration of your availability. Hats are not merely selected by the style and color of the hat, but rather by the meaning that the woman wishes to convey.

There are five types of traditional hats in Martinique, each made with a varied selection of brightly colored madras fabric, and each with its own unique distinctive statement. The first style of hat is the ceremonial hat, which is tightly braided into a coil with one tiny end of the fabric sticking up into a small point in the front of the hat, and no statement is either made or intended, other than it is worn for traditional fashion.

Tatie Simone wearing traditional Creole hat
Tatie Simone of Le Decouverte

However, pay close attention to the next four descriptions of hats, which describe the meaning of the number of the large ends of fabric sticking up on a hat. If you wear a hat with one "pouf" sticking up on the top of the hat, you are telling the world that your heart is free and that you are single.

Wearing a hat with two poufs sticking up from the top of the hat, and you are telling the world that your heart is taken and that you are engaged, but that a person can certainly take their chance and ask.

Creole Hat Fashion Wearing a hat with three poufs sticking up on the top of the hat clearly states that your heart is taken and that you are married.

Wearing a hat with four poufs sticking up on the top and sides of the hat makes the statement that if you have the time I have the desire, or anything goes, or something to that effect.

Selecting a hat was never more complicated or perhaps more enjoyable. Take care when choosing your hat, remembering which statement that it is that you would like to make. Then again, perhaps you might like to add a few of the traditional hats to your collection to match your mood!

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