Jeff Healey and The Jazz Wizards - It's Tight Like That
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Jeff Healey and The Jazz Wizards - It's Tight Like ThatFlappers beware, Jeff Healey and the Jazz Wizards have mastered the sound of the 20's and 30's classic jazz, so get ready to start dancing.  



                                Jeff Healey and The Jazz Wizards - It's Tight Like That

Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards - It's Tight Like That

Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards - It's Tight Like That:  Bugle Call Rag; Sing Your Sinners; Basin Street Blues; Little Girl; Someday Sweetheart; Darktown Strutters Ball; Confessin; Keep It To Yourself; Sheik of Araby; Goin' Up The River; It's Tight Like That; Wipe ‘Em Off

Personnel: Jeff Healey: trumpet, guitar, vocals (tracks 2,4,5,7,9 & 11); Chris Barber: trombone, vocals (tracks 3,10 & 11); Christopher Plock: clarinet, soprano and alto sax, vocals (track 6); Terra Hazelton: vocals (track 8); Drew Jurecka: violin; Jess Barksdale: guitar; Brian Graville: piano; Colin Bray: bass; Gary Scriven: drums, washboard; Reid Kaiser: piano (tracks 4 & 9); Ross Wooldridge: clarinet (tracks 4 & 9)

It's Tight Like That was released on the Stony Plain Records label. Jeff Healey continues to break new ground with It's Tight Like That as he and The Jazz Wizards turn back the clock and  bring back the jazz sound of the 20's and 30's. Jeff Healey is a remarkable musician and musicologist who retains ‘search engine' knowledge of jazz and blues from the early days to the present. Jeff has become an accomplished trumpet player to accompany his guitar work, both of which you can experience on It's Tight Like That. At the young age of 3, Jeff took up the guitar, and at 6 he was playing gigs, by his teens he had worked with many different bands and started to collect music from the great jazz eras of the 20's, and 30's as well as any music he could get his hands on. His music collecting has culminated in a collection that numbers greater than 30,000 78-rpm records. Jeff has a distinguishing style of playing the guitar that stems from his childhood blindness at the age of 3, though his style of playing the guitar which rests flat on his lap is unique, it is none-the-less brilliant, passionate and moving. Combining with his ability to recapture music from 40-50 years before he was born, as well as play the guitar and the trumpet only scratches the surface of the abilities of Jeff Healey.  Jeff came to prominence playing hard blues/rock, but this diverse and talented musician has a dual personality, and when he takes to the stage with the Jazz Wizards, you hear his alter ego work its magic to the classic jazz sound.  

With It's Tight Like That, recorded live at Hugh's Room in Toronto, Canada, Jeff Healey and the Jazz Wizards featuring Chris Barber have captured the sound of the 30's jazz scene minus the scratchy noise we had to endure while listening to the old 78-rpm albums. I always found a type of groove or swagger when listening to the great era of 20's and 30's jazz; while listening to It's Tight Like That I felt that same sensation. They have truly captured not just the sound, but they have captured the feeling of the era in this recording; I would have given anything to be in the audience during the two nights they laid down the tracks for It's Tight Like That.  Tracks like the classic Basin Street Blues with Chris Barber on vocals, Keep It to Yourself with Terra Hazelton belting out her deep and sultry vocals, and Darktown Strutters Ball with Christopher Plock on vocals shows the diversity and ‘pop' to their music, and the audience can be heard clapping and being engaged by their intoxicating sound.

If you are looking for more of Jeff Healey, he can be heard on CBC Canadian Radio out of Toronto doing his twice a week Jazz FM program entitled "My Kind of Jazz."

A few websites where you can procure It's Tight Like That are CD Connection, Amazon, and VH1.

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