Stone McEwan Plays the Island Sound of the Bahamas
Written by Edward F, Nesta   

Stone McEwan - Hangin Out in AbacoThe Island sound is alive, vibrant and jammin’ in the hands of Stone McEwan.




                 Stone McEdwan - Don't Touch It If You Can't Handle It!

Stone McEwan

Don’t Touch It If You Can’t Handle It! Party Movin’, Sometime, Shake It Up, So Sweet, “Don’t Touch It”, Do me (Bad Girl), Buried Alive (Don’t Tell), No More Tension, Stay With Me, You Know The Way

Personnel: Stone McEwan: vocals, guitar, percussion; Alexis Pelecanos: backup vocals, rap on “Shake it up; Kevin “K.K.” Fox: keyboards; Ossie Hall: soprano saxophone; Veronica Bishop: saw scrapping; Lisa Davis: backup vocals

                 Stone McEwan - Hangin Out In Abaco

Hanging Out in Abaco! La, La, La, Checking, Throw It Out, Pride Yourself, Hangin’ Out In Abaco, The Trip, B-A-H-A-M-A-S, Goin’ Fishin’, Bahama Breeze, My God

Personnel: Stone McEwan: vocals, guitar; Patrick Ruso: trumpet on Bahama Breeze; St. Paul’s School Students, Grand Bahama Island: backup vocals on “B-A-H-A-M-A-S”; Daddy Stealy: Chat on “Checking”; Stone McEwan’s nieces and their friends: backup vocals on “Throw it Out” 

Don’t Touch It If You Can’t Handle It! and Hangin’ Out in Abaco! were released by Mackeymedia ( Stone McEwan captures the sound of the Islands and infuses it with that characteristic reggae rhythmic style of the back beat, known as the “bang,” on his guitar. A musical figure within the Bahamian music scene for the past few decades, Stone continues to reward his listeners with the sounds of the Islands on his releases.

There is something about the islands, the sun, the beaches, and the relaxing “take-a-break” from the rigors of life attitude that comes across in the music. With a bit of rap, a bit of jazz, and reggae woven together, Stone McEwan singer/songwriter/producer/arranger has captured the essence and relaxing style of the Bahamas.

I had the opportunity to experience Stone live at the Clubhouse at The Abaco Club at Winding Bay. Along with being a musician, Stone is the Public Relations Officer at The Abaco Club at Winding Bay, and from my perspective, he is also the “Fun” Officer, as he entertained the guests with his stories and music. The evening I heard him play, he set the mood for the feature act of the evening – Junkanoo (see article on Junkanoo in the Events section).  

A great track from Hangin’ Out in Abaco! is “Throw it Out”, which tells the story of how we tend to hang on to too many things that we just need to “Throw it Out.” I have  been known as a bit of a packrat, so I have used this song as motivation to do some cleaning up, and what could be better than the high energy of Stone’s sound to motivate you on your way – watch out the garage is next (ha).

The first track on Don’t Touch It If You Can’t Handle It! is “Party Movin,” a track that received acclaim on the Bahamian airwaves, and will be a sure winner to get your next party moving. Therefore, for your next party please make sure you move the furniture and clear the way through the house, because I know your guests will start dancing and waving their arms about as they bop around your house when you play either of Stone McEwan’s releases.

Stone’s Mission Statement – “To take Bahamian music to new heights, and open the doors for more diversity,” and from this writer’s perspective, he has succeeded.

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