Chris Bergson - Another Day
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Chris Bergson - Another Day Chris Bergson’s Another Day - a sound that fuses Delta blues, jazz, funk, soul and folk.



                          Chris Bergson - Another Day

Chris Bergson

Another Day. Come and Gone, High Above the Morning, Sweet White Lie, Greyhound Station, Three Sisters/Death Letter, Up in Buffalo, Another Day
Personnel: Chris Bergson: lead vocals, guitar; Jay Collins: tenor sax, backing vocals; Chris Berger: bass; Matt Wilson: drums

Another Day ( was released by 2 Shirts Records. The release Another Day from singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Bergson is a sound that combines Delta blues, jazz, funk, soul and folk. When you add in his deep soulful voice, you have the deep Mississippi Delta Blues sound that Chris plays to perfection.

Chris moved to New York when he was 18, and his career took off. He has worked with notables such as Norah Jones, Annie Ross, and Dena DeRose, recorded with a “who’s who” of jazz greats, and has performed around the world.

I had the opportunity to hear Chris live at the Rodeo Bar in New York. Having listened to Chris’s Another Day prior to meeting him in person, I conjured up an image of Chris being a big man, both tall and wide, as how else could someone create that deep full of soul sound. Well, Chris Bergson live is everything that you hear on Another Day, except that he is not tall or wide, but he displays a fiery passion that draws you into his music.

When you see Chris play live, you see that he exudes his music through every pore of his body, and this gave light to the name for his record label - 2 Shirts Records. The night we saw him play was definitely a 2-shirt performance.

On Another Day, Chris has a distinctive way of presenting a song and shows an insightful understanding of the blues; his arrangements layer the soulful commanding sound of his voice, his magnificent bluesy guitar playing, with the jazzy tenor sax and the rhythms of the bass and drums. Think and feel Muddy Waters, James Taylor, The Band, Barry White, and some of the great funk, soul and blues guitarists and you have a view into Chris Bergson.

You can hear clips and purchase Another Day on Itunes, Napster, CD, Tower Records, Emusic, as well as on Chris Bergson’s website (

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