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Marcus Jernmark, Consul General of Sweden in NY, Ambassador Kjell Anneling, David JohanssonSweden has long been highly acclaimed worldwide for its design and crystal; now Sweden is placing a new global emphasis on its exceptional cuisine and culinary products. Move over pomegranates as the new ‘darling’ of the food world, and make room for cloudberries.

Marcus Jernmark, Consul General of Sweden in NY, Ambassador Kjell Anneling, and David JohanssonOn November 10, 2005, Consul General of Sweden in New York, Ambassador Kjell Anneling and his wife, Mrs. Birgit Anneling hosted an enchanting evening of “Culinary Sweden” at their beautiful New York home. The evening provided yet another glimpse into the Swedish artistic world of their acclaimed crystal, their innovative and unique hotels, as well as the introduction of new and exclusive culinary products. Sweden as a destination offers visitors an exceptionally wide array of interesting experiences to select from including ice hotels, participating in the art of glassmaking, enjoying delectable gastronomic specialty products, outstanding chefs, gourmet restaurants and attending renowned culinary schools.

Appealing CreationsDuring the cocktail reception, Marie Burewell, Director of the Swedish Travel and Tourism introduced a few of Sweden’s exciting destinations where guests had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Glasriket or Glass District, called the ‘Kingdom of Crystal,’ the celebrated art glass district, and the famed Icehotel. The Swedish Trade Council introduced vendors of new-to-market upscale Swedish specialty food and beverage products, and guests had the opportunity to learn more about the notable culinary region from Mr. Carl Jan Granqvist, President of MåltidsRicket, the Kingdom of Culinary Art and Meal.

Chefs at work Talented young Swedish Chefs David Johansson and Marcus Jernmark, who are well on their way as rising stars in the culinary world, provided guests with their enticing and appealing modern interpretations of classic Swedish recipes. David is the Chef of the Consul General of Sweden in New York, and Marcus is a chef and owner of J&O Continues with Henrik Olsson in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Vendors introduced guests to their extraordinary new products along with the luscious taste of cloudberries, ‘Rubus chamaemorus’, which are a type of herbaceous raspberry grown in parts of Sweden, in the form of a delicate Cloudberry Wine and a superb cloudberry jam. The sweetest surprise of the evening though, was the luscious pannacotta dessert with white chocolate, cardamom foam, and garnished with another Swedish specialty, pickled ligonberries, that was presented in gorgeous colorful Orrefors glass bowls, which lucky guests later took home in their goody-bags. The memorable “Culinary Sweden” evening concluded with Swedish coffee in the Library, where guests were further tempted with artistic chocolates delightfully filled with such intriguing flavors as chilies.

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