Liane Carroll - Standard Issue
Written by Edward F, Nesta   

Liane Carroll - Liane Carroll, winner of 2 coveted BBC Jazz Awards 2005, Best Vocalist and Best of Jazz, release - "Standard Issue."



                    Liane Carroll -

Liane Carroll - "Standard Issue"

Standard Issue. That Old Black Magic, The Briar and the Rose, Three Sheets To The Wind (Band Version), Eleanor Rigby, How Insensitive, California Shoeshine Boys, He’s a Runner, At Seventeen, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, You’ve Got A Friend, I Only Have Eyes For You, I Wish You Love

Personnel: Liane Carroll: Vocals, Piano, Rhodes and Melodica, Greg Leppard: Drums, Backing Vocals, Roger Carey: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bobby Wellins: Tenor Saxophone, John Parricelli: Guitar, Ian Shaw: Guest Vocals, Andy Drudy: Backing Vocals, Neal Richardson: Backing Vocals, Sue Richardson: Backing Vocals

Standard Issue ( was released under the Splash Point Records label ( to rave reviews across the British Jazz scene. Ms. Carroll, winner of 2 coveted BBC Jazz Awards 2005, Best Vocalist and Best of Jazz, created one of the highest anticipations for this release in quite some time, and the audience was duly rewarded with another excellent release.  (For other Liane Carroll reviews  please read - Liane Carroll’s Billy No Mates in the Music Scene section).

“That Old Black Magic” leads off the release, and you can hear Liane’s voice has never sounded better. Liane’s smoky, sexy sound is quintessential jazz, and coupled with her passion on the keyboards you have a sound that will keep you coming back to “Standard Issue”. Liane is a performer that has paid her dues, and still plays small and intimate venues to remain close to adoring audiences. You can hear her pain, her joy, her love of jazz throughout the release.

“The Briar And The Rose”, is a slow jazz tempo that allows Liane’s voice to carry the song, with the light melody of the Rhodes in the background complementing her every step of the way.

“Three Sheets To The Wind (Band Version)” is a Liane Carroll original, and features Liane’s famous and unbelievable scat along with the riveting Roger Carey on Bass Guitar. This is my favorite track on the release and embodies Liane Carroll.

“Eleanor Rigby” is an excellent arrangement of a classic song, and of all the covers of this song, no one does it better then Liane. She transforms the pop tempo of the Beatles into a jazz tempo that is familiar, but excitingly new.

“How Insensitive” features John Parricelli on Guitar, and Bob Wellins on Saxophone; this is a beautiful sexy rendition of this Jazz standard, and of course you have Liane’s voice to round out the sexy sound.

“California Shoeshine Boys” goes into the up-tempo sound of Liane Carroll, which is an excellent follow-up to the soft sexy “How Insensitive”.   

You can tell that there was a lot of thought put into not only the sound, the personnel, but also the arranging of tracks on the release. You move through the various tempos that make jazz so special, and which Liane is so adapt at. Standard Issue was well worth the wait, and if you cannot wait for it to appear in your music store you can order it directly from Splash Point Records, or you can download tracks for your iPod from iTunes.

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