Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a Spanish extra virgin olive oil with a 170-year pedigree!


Extra virgin olive oil, we drizzle it in our soups and over fresh, juicy ripe tomatoes, stuffed artichokes, over pasta and cheese, we pour it on a plate and dip our bread and foccacia in it, we use it when making vinaigrettes, we cook with it, and sometimes, just sometimes, we simply pour it on a spoon and drink it all by itself. Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil is really that good!

Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I first “discovered” Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil at The Great Match – Spanish Wines and Tapas 04 presented by Wines from Spain, which was held in New York in October 2004, which Luxury Experience Magazine wrote about in our December 2004 edition (in the Wine Cellar section). In addition to wines from Spain, there were also many producers of Spanish olive oils and Spanish cheeses at this event, and I went from booth to booth on an extra virgin olive oil tasting mission, tasting each and every extra virgin olive oil at the event. I really enjoy the taste of excellent quality extra virgin olive oils, and although there were many good extra virgin olive oils at the event, I found the Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be an exceptional discovery. Although it should be noted that the first “discovery” of this wonderful product imported from Spain was actually in 1835, when Felix Gasull founded the company in Reus Catalonia. From that time, it has been held in high regard by chefs and even a king, having been the choice of King Alfonso the XIII of Spain! Although Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil has long been appreciated for its high quality in Europe, it has only recently become available in the United States. The long wait was definitely worth it!


Gasul OlivesGasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from arbequina olives from Catalonia that are handpicked in November and December and are then cold-pressed on the same day of the harvest at the Gasull Mill in Reus. The color is a rich deep golden color with a hint of green, and a fruity, nutty aroma, and the taste is really wonderful, very smooth with an appealing aftertaste. Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been winning accolades and awards almost from the start, having first won a gold medal in 1908 at the Esposizione Internationale in Genoa, Italy, and more recently having won the Diploma di Gran Menzione Cibus in Parma, Italy in 2002.

Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml table servers. It is also available in one-liter tins and glass containers, and for those that like to keep larger quantities of extra virgin olive oil on hand, there is even a 5-liter tin. Produced in limited quantities, you may just want to stock up and keep several bottles in your pantry to enjoy.

Gasull Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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