Jeremiah Johnson Band - Blues Heart Attack
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Jeremiah Johnson - Blues Heart AttackJeremiah Johnson Band - Blues Heart Attack released on the Connor Ray Music label is 12-tracks of the Blues with a twinge of St. Louis Blues mixed in with Texas Blues. The Jeremiah Johnson Band consists of Jeremiah Johnson, Jeff Girardier, and Benet Schaeffer, with special guests Nathan Hershey, Frank Bauer, and Tom "Papa" Ray to complement the well-crafted studio release with all music written by Jeremiah Johnson.


Jeremiah Johnson - Blues Heart Attack 

Jeremiah Johnson Band -  Blues Heart Attack   

Jeremiah Johnson Band - Blues Heart Attack: Mind Reader, Room of Fools, Flat Line, Get It In The Middle, Summertime, Skip That Stone, Talk Too Much, Sun Shine Through, Southern Drawl, Everybody Party, Here We Go Again, It's Been Hard

Jeremiah Johnson Band Personnel: Jeremiah Johnson: guitar, lead vocals, Jeff Girardier: bass guitar, backing vocals, Benet Schaeffer: drums, Special Guests: Nathan Hershey: Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, piano, Frank Bauer: sax, backing vocals, Tom Papa Ray: harmonica on Skip That Stone

Jeremiah Johnson Band - Blues Heart Attack was produced by Jason McIntire and the Jeremiah Johnson Band on the Connor Ray Music label.

Jeremiah Johnson comments about his latest release, "I really wanted Blues Heart Attack to be a roller coaster of emotions that reflect the life, heart and soul of a blue-collar blues man. With songs that I started writing over 10 years ago and others that were basically born in the recording studio, I truly feel this record closely represents my band past, present, and future. With the addition of the sax, keys and harmonica I believe we have created memorable music people will feel in their soul and tap their feet."

He wrote all of the songs on the 12-track release, which has a great beginning with the song, Mind Reader, with its fiery guitar licks opening and Benet Schaeffer laying down the drum beat that sets the pace that captured my interest from the first listen as he has a honeyed raw whiskey-edged voice and a captivating writing and guitar playing style.

Next in the line-up is Room of Fools which has a well-crafted long instrumental opening that segues into the powerful lyrics, followed by the title track Flat Line (Blues Heart Attack) which has become one of my favorite songs on the release with its jazzy piano and guitar. The momentum continues as Nathan Hershey plays some hot piano on the song, Get It In The Middle.

Summertime is just as the name implies, slow, lazy, and easy, a song that gets under your skin. On Skip That Stone, Tom "Papa" Ray layers in the harmonica, Nathan Hershey adds piano, and there is some fine guitar by Jeremiah Johnson on this catchy tune. Talk Too Much has the band and guests contributing instrumentally to complement the lyrics of this jump-blues style song.

The band segues into Sun Shine Through with Frank Bauer contributing wailing sax and Nathan Hershey pounding away on the Hammond B3, with Jeremiah Johnson and Jeff Girardier playing mean guitar and bass duets.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Jeremiah Johnson moved to Houston, Texas in 1999 which comes through front and center on the Texas hued song, Southern Drawl. Everybody Party is a feel good song that will have you up and dancing, then the band lets you collect your breath and slows the pace with Here We Go Again. The release closes with the song, It's Been Hard.

Jeremiah Johnson Band - Blues Heart Attack is a class act of a release. Look for more from this talented band and in the meantime, give the Jeremiah Johnson Band - Blues Heart Attack a listen.

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