La Belle Musique
Written by Debra C. Argen   

La Belle Musique IncLa Belle Musique, Inc. is a group of very talented professional international performers from the United States, France, Israel and Venezuela, who are all graduates of the highly acclaimed The Julliard School.


The Juilliard School in New York is a prestigious conservatory for music, dance and drama. If you can make it there, you really can make it anywhere, so when Steven Zynszajn, Concert Director of La Belle Musique, Inc. invited Edward F. Nesta and I to attend The Lautreamont Concert Series on September 29, 2005, their first concert of their second season at A.C. Pianocraft in New York, we were excited to attend.

      La Belle Musique Inc.

“The Series (The Lautreamont Series) is named after the transcendent and mysteriously deceased poet Isidore Ducasse, Comte de Lautreamont, himself a pianist.” In addition to performing concerts, they have also performed at such venues as The Plaza Hotel, The Metropolitan Club, and the Rainbow Room.

The evening’s exhilarating program began with P. de Sarasate Romance Andalouse, Op. 22 #3, and Gershwin/Heifetz 3 Preludes – Allegro, Andante – Allegro performed by Francisco Salazar, Violin and Steven Graff, Piano, followed by D. Scarlatti Sonata in C Major, L. 104, Sonata in A Minor, L. 241, and Sonata in E Major, L. 23 and R. Muczynski Toccata, Op. 15 performed by Steven Graff on Piano. J. Sibelius Concerto, Op. 47 – 2nd Movement Adagio di Molto, and B. Smetana From the Homeland, #2 were performed by Steven Graff and Steven Zynszajn, Violin. After an intermission, The Bastille Quartet: Steven Zynszajn and Francisco Salazar, Violins, Gregory Singer, Viola and Avigail Arad, Cello performed J. Brahms String Quartet No. 2 in A Minor, Op. 51, Allegro non troppo, Andante Moderato, Quasi Minuetto: Moderato; Allegretto vivace and Finale: Allegro non assai.

It was a memorable evening of music with an interesting bit of history. The piano that Mr. Graff used for the performance was an 1894 piano from St. Thomas’ church in New York that had just been restored at A.C. Pianocraft. According to Alexander Kostakis, owner of A.C. Pianocraft, the golden years for pianos was between the years 1890 – 1929, so invited guests had the opportunity to listen to a truly splendid instrument.

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