Little G Weevil Moving
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Little G Weevil - Moving Singer, songwriter, musician Little G Weevil shines with his Blues release, Little G Weevil – Moving, which features 11 original songs and a cover of a traditional Blues song, released on the VizzTone label. Born in Hungary, now living in Atlanta, Georgia, Little G Weevil, 2013 Winner - International Blues Challenge – Solo/Duet Competition, has a firm grasp of American Blues as he lays down some impressive all-acoustic tracks along with his band, Maurice Nazzaro, Danny V Vinson, Dustin Sergant, and Adam Goodhue.


Little G Weevil - Moving

Little G Weevil – Moving     

Little G Weevil – Moving: Shook It and Broke It, On My Way To Memphis, Mean and Dirty, Boogie Through My Troubles, Let Someone Else Do All The Work, Deep Bow, Advice, Moving, No Man In My Bed, Fastest Man, Let’s Talk It Over, Swing In The Middle  

Personnel: Little G Weevil – guitars, vocals, stomp, percussion, Band: Maurice Nazzaro – harmonica, Danny V. Vinson – rhythm guitar on track 8, solo guitar on tracks 3 and 12, Dustin Sergant – upright bass, Adam Goodhue – drums   

Lee Jones Mitchell produced Little G Weevil – Moving on the VizzTone label. As a way of intro, Little G writes of the release, “I’m in love with raw, old school Blues. Although I started out electric, I still remember purchasing my first acoustic guitar for $75 in a Memphis pawnshop. I began writing songs on it and it turned out to be a joyful way to record and perform. The secret is in the intimate settings; it makes me feel like I’m having a direct conversation with the audience. Just like these early field recordings where I could hear a dog bark, a door slam, motorcycles go by even conversations in the background. With this acoustic recording, I wanted to capture that atmosphere and sound. This session took place in a midtown Atlanta neighborhood where Blind Willie McTell used to play for tips. I’m in a 20x15 size room with a single microphone set in the middle. Even with the band, we used nothing but several microphones placed all around so you have a sense of the room like you are right there with us. Just like when friends get together to share stories and have a good time. Well, my friends I truly hope you enjoy the music.”   

Growing up in Hungary, he listened to the music of John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, and others and fell in love with American Blues. Playing first in his native country, his talent has opened many doors and international opportunities for him. He moved to the United States, spent time in Alabama and Memphis, lived in London for a time, and now calls Atlanta, Georgia home.   

With Little G Weevil – Moving, his first all-acoustic release he captures the delicious blend of Southern Blues styles with his 11 original songs. As a fan of old-style Blues, I felt as if I closed my eyes while listening to the release, I would somehow find myself transported back in time, sitting in a rocking chair on an old porch in the South with the musicians scattered around sitting on the steps or leaning against a railing playing just for me. The acoustic sound reminds how good the Blues can be without being electrified.  

The release opens with the song, Shook It and Broke It, which has an old-timey blues feel with great instrumental and steel guitar rhythms that set a comfortable pace with its catchy lyrics that include “She don’t love me no more…” and you know that heartbreak is written all over this song.   

Next in the line-up is On My Way To Memphis, which segues into the song, Mean and Dirty, where Maurice Nazzaro layers in his harmonica to complement the solo guitar work of Danny V Vinson, on what has become one of my favorite tracks on the release.   

Boogie Through My Troubles picks up the pace with quick picking guitar work that will have you tapping your foot in time, followed by Let Someone Else Do All The Work, nice work if you get it.  

Deep Bow opens with an upright bass and guitar duo that lays the ground for the lyrics, followed by Advice that also has a rich old-style Southern Blues feel. Next is the title track, Moving, which is pure R&B and grabs you from the first riff.   

Then along comes, No Man In My Bed, down and dirty Blues at its best with its wailing slide guitar and lyrics, “… standing alone with my best friend’s wife … I wish that she was mine … I don’t want no other man in my bed … the way she walks, the way she smiles … got it so I can’t control my mind … I don’t want no other man in my bed …”  

Get ready for some stomp Blues with Fastest Man, and then Little G takes a break from his original material by covering the traditional Blues song Let’s Talk It Over (Come Back Baby) and makes it his own. The release closes with the rollicking Swing Blues song, Swing In The Middle, a fitting ending to a delicious acoustic romp through the Blues, sometimes raw, and always satisfying.   

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