Sue Richardson - Too Cool (The Life and Music of Chet Baker)
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Sue Richardson - Too Cool - The Life and Music of Chet BakerSue Richardson, singer / trumpeter / composer, released Sue Richardson - Too Cool (The Life and Music of Chet Baker)  to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Chet's death. Using Chet's style, flare, and improvisational transitions as her inspiration, Sue Richardson wrote five original tracks that are a brilliant complement to the four rare Chet Baker tracks; a must listen to release that delivers!

Sue Richardson - Too Cool (The Life and Music of Chet Baker)

Sue Richardson - Too Cool (The Life and Music of Chet Baker)

Sue Richardson - Too Cool: Too Cool, Adored, All Through The Night, My Funny Valentine, Anticipated Blues, So Che Ti Perderò, Motivo Su Raggio Di Luna, Chetty's Lullaby, Almost in Ecstasy, On A Moon Beam, Il Mio Domani, Bonus Track: So Che Ti Perderò (vocals)

Personnel: Sue Richardson: Vocals, Trumpet, Flugel Horn; Karen Sharp: Baritone Sax; Andy Drudy: Guitars; George Trebar: Double Bass; Rod Youngs: Drums; Neal Richardson: Piano, Rhodes

Sue Richardson - Too Cool (The Life and Music of Chet Baker) was released on the Splash Point Music label and was produced by Neal Richardson.  This marks the fourth release on the Splash Point Music label by Sue Richardson; to read reviews of other Sue Richardson releases please visit the Music Scene section for: Sue Richardson - Fanfare and Sue Richardson - Emergence.

Sue was influenced early in her career by Chet Baker when her music teacher "turned her on" to Jazz and especially Chet Baker's West Coast "cool school" of Jazz, and this started a love affair with Chet's creative genius and his unique improvisational style. On the 25th Anniversary of his death, Sue researched Chet's life and influences and she used this perspective in the arrangements and in her writing style on this tribute release.

The release opens with a Sue Richardson original, the title track Too Cool; the soft dancing on the cymbals along with Sue's horn work warms up the audience and lets them know that they are in for a treat. The art of being "Too Cool" is to be a bit brash but to not flaunt it; the title track is brash and sassy in a controlled fashion while the baseline undertones create a nice swagger. The track Adored, written by Sue and Annette Keen, features Sue's vocal prowess as her sultry voice commands the audience to take notice.

All Through The Night, written by Sue, leads with Sue's horn work and she passes the torch to Karen Sharp on baritone sax; the arrangement volleys between the horns and the drum and double bass baseline creating a nice point-counterpoint with a snappy pace. The Rodgers and Hart track, My Funny Valentine, features Neal Richardson tickling the ivories that fashions the underpinning to Sue's poignant vocals and chilling horn work.

The jazzy track Anticipated Blues, written by Chet Baker, is a reflective arrangement capturing the components and elements of Chet's genius, fast paced transitions, melding of sounds and tempo, and a flare for the unknown. The track So Che Ti Perderò, written by Chet Baker, is mesmerizing and Sue's horn work is enchanting; a track that will have you closing your eyes and swaying to the dramatic arrangement.  Motivo Su Raggio Di Luna, written by Chet Baker, is a beautiful rendition and Sue captures the essence of Chet through her vocals and horn work while Andy Drudy gets into the game with some marvelous guitar licks.

The track Chetty's Lullaby, written by Chet Baker and translated for Sue by Georgia Mancio, is a soft and enduring track and the combination of Sue's vocals and the band's tight chops will have this track playing in your head for days, sweet dreams! Almost In Ecstasy, written by Sue, carries the pace and tempo of Chet Baker along with those distinctive twists and turns in the arrangement. The track On A Moon Bean, written by Sue, is a tender instrumental love song.

The release closes with Il Mio Domani, written by Chet Baker, and the track So Che Ti Perderò with lyrics that culminates this tribute to Chet Baker with style, elegance, and passion.       

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