Peatbog Faeries Dust
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Peatbog Faeries - Dust The Scottish band The Peatbog Faeries: Peter Morrison, Peter Tickell, Tom Salter, Graeme Stafford, Innes Hutton, and Stu Haikney, have another great release with their 11-track instrumental CD, Dust, which features original material written by Peter Morrison and Peter Tickell. The award-winning band takes a bold stance on this release with Celtic fusion music that crosses genres and inspires listeners.


Peatbog Faeries - Dust
Peatbog Faeries - Dust 

Peatbog Faeries - Dust: Calgary Capers, The Naughty Step, Dun Beag, Spigel and Nongo, Passport Panic, Abhainna A’ Nathair, Marx Terrace, Bunny For Breakfast, Ascent Of Conival, Fishing at Orbost, Room 215   

Personnel: The Peatbog Faeries – Peter Morrison – Pipes and Whistles, Peter Tickell – Fiddle and Effects, Tom Salter – Guitar, Graeme Stafford – Keyboards, Innes Hutton – Bass, Guitars, Bodhrán, Stu Haikney – Drums and Percussions; Brass: Rick Taylor Trombone, Nighel Hitchcock – Saxophones; Special Guests: Jarlath Henderson – Uilleann Pipes, Paul Templeman – Steel Guitar   

Recorded and mixed in Cumbernauld College and Peatbog Studio in Orbost, Skye. Produced and mixed by Calum Maclean on the Peatbog Records label in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  

Dust, the seventh release by the Peatbog Faeries opens with Calgary Capers with nice fiddle work and the haunting and bewitching sound of the bodhrán. The band writes in the liner notes of the song written by Peter Tickell, “Calgary Capers marks a night of cathartic celebration following 2010’s epic summer tour of Canada, much enjoyed by the whole band,” which definitely comes across in the song. 

Next in the line-up is The Naughty Step, written by Peter Morrison, which has a contagious percussion rhythm and new-age tech feel that will have you on your feet dancing, because as the liner notes read, “We’ve all been there.” 

Dun Beag, written by Peter Morrison, is a gorgeous instrumental piece that recalls the highland with wonderful pipe work. The band writes about the song, “Dun Beag is the remains of a broch in Struan, Skye. In Gaelic folklore brochs, or Duns as they’re known locally, are the houses of the Sithe – the faeries. However, more popular history has them as late Iron Age structures.” I prefer the Gaelic folklore meaning.  

Peter Tickell wrote, Passport Panic, after he “almost missed out on a trip to the States due to his somewhat lax approach to visa regulations.” The song is slow, sexy, and delicious. Abhainn A’ Nathair, written by Peter Morrison, will have you stepping lively especially after the reading the liner notes. “The River of Snakes. In the book, ‘Skye, the Island and it’s Legends,’ (published 1952) by Otta Swire, who lived in Orbost, she tells of the high population of adders on the river bank there. She writes that deaths by snake-bite among sheep and sometimes dogs was commonplace, and that children, running barefoot to school, were also regularly bitten. Our studio is only yards from the river but the snakes have all but disappeared.”  

Other great songs on the release are Spiegel and Nongo, written by Adam Sunderland and Peter Tickell, Marx Terrace written by Peter Tickell, and Bunny For Breakfast written by Peter Morrison, with its slight Jazzy feel, and great percussion and pipe work.  

Ascent of Conival written by Peter Tickell has Jazz overtones and stellar horn work. The Peter Morrison song, Fishing At Orbost follows, and opens slowly with interesting keyboard work, then layers in distant pipes, and melodic harmonies.  Room 215, written by Peter Morrison, closes out the release with traditional Celtic music, of which the band writes of the song, “Every good festival should have a party room.” I readily concur!   

The Peatbog Faeries release, Dust, proves the band’s talent and their versatility to cross genres and go beyond traditional Celtic folk music, yet fully embrace their Scots heritage through their music. Slàinte mhath (pronounced SLANJ-JA VAH), which in Gaelic means “cheers!” or alternately, “to your health!” on a stunning release.   

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