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Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   
1963 Corvette Rondine Pininfarina - Photo by Luxury ExperienceWhat makes the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance held in Greenwich, Connecticut, a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts is the quality of the collections at the show. Touring the 2012 show on European cars day with founder Bruce Wennerstrom was an eye-opening experience especially when he pointed out several of the rare entries including a one-off gorgeous turquoise 1963 Corvette "Rondine" Pininfarina.

The invitational only Greenwich Concours held over two days, consists of the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance featuring pre-WWII and post-WWII domestic cars on Saturday, and the Greenwich Concours Europa on Sunday focusing solely on pre-WWII and post-WWII European sports, touring, and competition cars. Both events also include vintage motorcycles, aircraft, and boats.

The Greenwich Concours is on Luxury Experience's annual radar of "must-attend" events and as usual, we attended both days, and were impressed with the quality and pedigree of the entries at both the American and European shows.

Although there were many remarkable entries at the 2012 GreenwichConcours Europa, we wanted to bring you a few of the sensational highlights that we experienced at the June 3, 2012 show.

Bruce Wennerstrom and 1963 Corvette Rondine Pininfarina - photo by Luxury Experience
Bruce Wennerstrom and the 1963 Corvette "Rondine" Pininfarina

When it came to sensational European entries, we had to look no further than the 1963 Corvette "Rondine" Pininfarina owned by Michael Schudroff of Carriage House Motor Cars. As Bruce Wennerstrom explained, what makes the 1963 Corvette "Rondine" so spectacular is that it is a "one-off." What that means is that the car was the only one made, which makes it very rare, and very special.

The 1963 Corvette "Rondine" Pininfarina designed by Tom Tjaarda, and built as a concept car for the 1963 Paris Auto Show features an Italian Pininfarina body on an American 1963 Chevrolet Corvette C2 Chassis, with a rear "swallow tail" and a 327CD fuel injected V8 engine.

1963 Corvette Rondine Pininfarina - photo by Luxury Experience
1963 Corvette "Rondine" Pininfarina

After the Paris Auto Show, the company kept the car in Pininfarina, Italy only exhibiting this spectacular vehicle on a very limited number of occasions thereafter. Need an adrenaline rush? In 2008, the Pininfarina Company put the car up for auction with the prestigious Barrett-Jackson auction house, where the car sold at an auction in Scottsdale, Arizona for a record price of a cool $1.6 million! It is precisely for this reason why collectors and enthusiasts from around the world annually attend the two-day Greenwich Concours d'Elegance - A Festival of Speed and Style, for the opportunity to experience such rare and exquisite collections.

Another exquisite entry was a 1998 Lamborghini Mystery Edition SV Diablo Coupe owned by Benjamin Roberts featuring black detailing and a price tag of $298,000. What makes the Diablo SV Monterey special is that it was an extremely limited edition. Lamborghini only made 20 of this edition, created exclusively for the United States market in 1998.

1998 Lamborghini Monterey edition SV Diablo Coupe - photo by Luxury Experience
1998 Lamborghini Mystery Edition SV Diablo Coupe

According to the car's reference plaque, "The Monterey edition used a slightly redesigned air intake in the front of the rear wheels like the ones used on the SE30 and the Diablo Roadster. The horsepower rating was 550 Bhp. All 20 of the cars were individually finished in rather strange colors like Lime Green, Pearl Yellow, Rosso Vik, Verde Scandal, and LeMans Blue, while the very last one, number 20 was finished in Lightning Blue over cream."

This daring beauty's pedigree includes that it is edition number 5, features an exterior body of eye-catching Rosso Vik metallic paint, and has O.Z. aluminum racing wheels. An interesting bit of history about this car is that it was 1 of 50 other Lamborghini cars in "The Run of the Bulls."

Another definite highlight of the show was a 1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III owned by John W. Rich, Sr., which was a stunning showstopper with its burnished two-tone brown exterior accented with inserted brass panels and crowned with a gold mascot.

1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III - John W. Rich Sr. - photo by Luxury Experience
1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III

The lines of this full-bodied beauty were gorgeous, full sweeping curved front and rear fenders highlighted with inserted brass to emphasize its exquisite design. The interior was just as remarkable featuring gold handles and elaborate attention to detail.

Front - 1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III - John W. Rich Sr. - photo by Luxury Experience    Rear View - 1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III - John W. Rich Sr. - photo by Luxury Experience

Grill - 1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III - John W. Rich Sr. - photo by Luxury Experience           Hood Ornament - 1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III - John W. Rich Sr. - photo by Luxury Experience
Details from the 1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III

Also wonderful was the 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II All Weather Drophead Coupe owned by Dennis Nicotra, Premier Classic Car Collection, where its reference plaque told the story of this impeccable motor car. 

"The Rolls-Royce Phantom II (107TA) was ordered by Mr. A. Simpson of London who contracted with the All-Weather Bodies Company there to construct a Drophead Coupe intended for high speed touring in the United Kingdom and Europe. The factory build sheets indicate that the chassis was to be equipped with the following: six Dunlop Fort Silent Tread Tires on four 17 x 19 inch Dunlop wire wheels and two spare wheels. The unique body style on this Phantom II has a very long hood line, and elegant drophead coupe coachwork. Its coachwork combines the best features of the era, particularly the sweeping fenders, hood side louvers, low profile tilt-out windscreen, and passenger compartment set well back."

1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II all Weather Drophead Coupe - photo by Luxury Experience
1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II All Weather Drophead Coupe

From late model entries to early entries, the Greenwich Concours Europa kept us enthralled for hours. We very much enjoyed the show and chatting with the owners to learn about their collections. We cannot wait to attend the 2013 show. Until next year!

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