Luciana Souza - Duos III
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Lociana Souza - Duos IIILuciana Souza took a few years off to focus her attention on a family, but she has returned in a masterful way with the release Luciana Souza - Duos III, a compilation of Brazilian tunes accompanied by three masters of Brazilian guitar Toninho Horta, Marco Pereira, and Casa Gonzalez.

Luciana Souza - Duos III

Luciana Souza - Duos III         

Duos III:  Tim Tim Por Tim Tim, Doralice, Chora Coração, Pedra da Lau Dona Lu, Mágoas de Caboclo, Eu Vim da Bahia, As Rosas Não Falam, Medley: Lamento Sertanejo (Forró do Dominguinhos) - Maçã do Rosto, Inǘtil Paisagem, Dindi, Beijo Parido     

Personnel: Luciana Souza: Lead Vocals; Toninho Horta: Fukuoka Flamenco guitar (1, 4, 10, 12), Vocals on Pedra da Lua; Marco Pereira: Seven String Lineu Bravo guitar (3, 5, 6, 7); Romero Lubambo: Casa Gonzalez guitar, Dieter Hopf Grand Concerto guitar (2, 8, 9, 11)

Luciana Souza - Duos III was produced by Grammy-winner Larry Klein and this marks Luciana Souza's sixth release on the Sunnyside record label. Duos III was released on the Tenth Anniversary of her Grammy-nominated release Duos. The singer songwriter took a few years away from performing and recording to get married and start a family; her return was marked by the release of not just one outstanding release, but by two releases - Luciana Souza Duos III and The Book of Chet (read a review of The Book of Chet in the Music Scene section).

The release is stripped down to a duet of Luciana's vocals and the guitar work of her three Brazilian guitar masters; there is no other accompaniment to interfere with the beauty of the music. The release opens with the track Tim Tim por Tim Tim and the guitar riffs of Toninho Horta flow seamlessly into Luciana's beautiful vocals. The brief track is vibrant with a traditional samba beat; however, it is Luciana's unique phrasing that captures the listener's attention.

The track Doralice opens with Luciana doing a scat with guitar work by Casa Gonzalez; a jazz tempo set against rapid-fire vocals while the guitar tries to keep up. Chora Coração is a beautiful ballad with poignant and touching lyrics that Luciana delivers in a comforting and embracing arrangement. Staying with a ballad format, the track Pedra da Lua is a duet of vocals by Luciana and Toninho Horta, who also plays guitar.

The medley of Lamento Sertanejo (Forró do Dominguinhos) and Maçã do Rosto shows off Luciana's mastery of vocal changes to accent a song as she goes from a soft jazz tempo to the fast paced Brazilian samba tempo while still holding the attention of her listener and meshing with the guitar accompaniment.

Other exceptional tracks include Mágoas de Caboclo, Eu Vim da Bahia, As Rosas Não Falam, Inǘtil Paisagem, Dindi, and Beijo Parido; each track has its own captivating melody, outstanding guitar work, and of course, they all contain Luciana's extraordinary vocals. 

Luciana may have taken a few years off to focus her energies on her family, but each song on Duos III shows that she still has that unique edge to form and project a song like few others can.   

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