Theresa Andersson - Street Parade
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Theresa Andersson - Street ParadeTheresa Andersson's latest release, Theresa Andersson - Street Parade, goes beyond the individual song by breaking down the components of the melody and the arrangement to complement the engaging lyrics, and vice versa. Theresa continues to expand her repertoire with each release, and with Street Parade, you feel a new beginning.

Theresa Andersson - Street Parade 

Theresa Andersson - Street Parade      

Theresa Andersson - Street Parade: Street Parade, Injuns, Listen To My Heels, Hold On to Me, Ruby, What Comes Next (with Peter Morén), Fiya's Gone, Sleepsong for Saoirse; Endymion, January, Plucks 

Theresa Andersson - Street Parade Personnel: Theresa Andersson: all vocals, violin, classical guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, percussion, glockenspiel; Tobias Fröberg: electric guitar, Hammond B-3 and piano, classical guitar; Peter Morén: vocals on track 4; Arthur Mintz: drums and percussion; Kirk Joseph: sousaphone; Tim Green: bass saxophone, tenor saxophone; Mark Braud: trumpet, flugelhorn; Ray Moore: flute, bass clarinet, clarinet; B.J. Blue: clarinet; Tim Laughlin: clarinet; Wayne Mitchell: tenor and alto saxophone   

Theresa Andersson - Street Parade was produced by Tobias Fröberg and Executive Producer Mark Samuels on the Basin Street Records label. 

I have been a fan of Theresa Andersson ever since I heard her at an event in New Orleans and followed that up when I heard her stellar release, Shine (Read about Shine in the Music Scene) and have enjoyed watching her career take-off as only the truly talented can. Theresa followed Shine with her fourth release, Hummingbird, Go!, a departure in style, but clearly a step forward in her mature musical development. (Read about Hummingbird, Go! in the Music Scene).  

Her latest release, Street Parade consists of 11 original songs, with music and horn arrangements by Theresa Andersson, and lyrics by Jessica Faust, that deftly capture the New Orleans scene, which this Swedish musician, composer, vocalist now calls home. Moreover, at home in her kitchen, which is her ‘remote' recording studio, is where she records many of the segments for her songs. She used her Home-studio [kitchen] on her previous and very successful release Hummingbird, Go!. Theresa is all about the sound, the melody, and the music that she composes, and her inspiration comes naturally from her surroundings. 

I always look forward to the lyrics on Theresa's releases, and though written by Jessica Faust for Theresa, they hold true to the powerful, engaging, and captivating lyrics that Theresa is known for, as well as providing the underpinning to Theresa's vocal prowess. 

The release opens with the title track, Street Parade, is melodic with haunting vocals sung in an echo chamber to enhance the effect. Creative and engaging, the song has a repetitive drumbeat synonymous with the drumbeat you hear in a parade that drives the marchers onward, as it does with this song. The track Injuns sings to the spirits as the evocative lyrics and melody chant their way through this track, "Take my hand in yours, I'll be your funnel through the sleepless nights, Just take my hand in yours, and make the time to stare into the light...I know all the secret passages, follow me, follow me, and we will find freedom in another world." 

The release changes it up with the track Listen To My Heels as Theresa's unique vocal style is measured through a melody that jumps with timed stops and starts against a rousing horn section. The track Ruby is engaging and even more so as it is an instrumental track accompanied by Theresa chanting to the lingering and catchy melody. 

Flya's Gone is a delightful swing tune that shows off Theresa's vocals melded with a fanciful melody. The second line drumming sets the pace for the track What Comes Next (with Peter Morén) as does the brass section, both creating the foundation for Theresa's vocals. 

Other interesting and enticing tracks include Hold On to Me, Sleepsong for Saoirse, Endymion, January, and Plucks. Theresa continues to stretch the bounds of her music blending different components to create arrangements that are compelling and enduring; she is not afraid to expand her repertoire.

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