Francesco DeGregori and Ivan Fossati
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Italian Music – The “Italian Bob Dylan” and Live Acoustic Music from Italy.

During my travels throughout Italy I stopped in Turin to visit a few friends. The first selection, Francesco De Gregori, was recommended by my good friend and accomplished artist, Guido Borelli (see Arts & Antiques section) who lives in Turin, Italy. Guido referred to Francesco as the “Italian Bob Dylan”, high praise indeed, but not without merit.

Francesco De Gregori’s la nostra storia, is a compilation of 19 classic tracks from a 10 year period of his recording career. The collection ranges from his early years of 1973 through 1983, which shows the longevity of his sound and style. Francesco’s style is reminiscent of not only Bob Dylan’s style for lyrics and music, but captures the style of some of the past famous crooners. Songs such as Niente Da Capire (1973), Generale (1978) and Cosa Sara’ (1978) have a very similar sound to classic Dylan songs where the story is the song, and the music accompanies the story through it twists and turns. The CD contained so many great songs such as Viva l’Italia (1979), Pablo (1975), La Rigazza e La Miniera (1983) and Canta Canta (1983) that it would be hard to select just one, so I suggest that you give the “Italian Bob Dylan” a listen and you can decide for yourself which is your favorite.

My second selection is Ivan Fossati Tour Acustico (volume 3). I just love the oxymoron live recordings, but when my wife Debra heard this CD she made sure I gave it a listen. Tour Acustico starts right out with a great selection entitled I Treni A Vapore with a great beat and rhythm that immediately captured the live audience’s attention as well as my attention. The CD is infused with guitars, drums, flute, and of course the piano playing and vocals of Ivano Fossati. This is a very popular “hot” CD on the charts across Italy, and after listening to it, it is easy to understand the attraction, the CD has all the elements of a winner. I love when a live performer captures the audience with their performance, and then carries the audience along on a musical journey; you can hear the excitement of the audience in the background throughout the CD. My favorite songs are Smisurata Preghiera and Oh Che Sarà; this has become a staple of my listening selections ever since I bought it.


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