Poncho Sanchez and Terrence Blanchard = Chano y Dizzy
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Pancho Sanchez and Terrance Blanchard = Chano y Dizzy The Poncho Sanchez and Terrence Blanchard = Chano y Dizzy release celebrates the joys of Latin Jazz and the legendary musicians Chano Pozo and Dizzy Gillespie released on the Concord Music Group label. Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to party!


Pancho Sanchez and Terrance Blanchard = Chano y Dizzy  

Poncho Sanchez and Terrence Blanchard = Chano y Dizzy!  

Poncho Sanchez and Terrence Blanchard = Chano y Dizzy!: Chano Pozo Medley: Tin Tin Deo/Manteca/Guachi Guaro, Con Alma, Wandering Wonder, Siboney, Dizzy's Dashiki, Groovin' High, Nocturna, Harris' Walk, Promenade, Jack's Dilemma, Ariñañra 

Personnel: Poncho Sanchez: Lead Vocals, Percussion; Terrence Blanchard: Trumpet; Tony Banda: Bass, Vocals; Ron Francis Blake: Trumpet; Joey De Leon, Jr.: Bongos, Percussion, Drums; Rob Hardt: Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone; George Ortiz: Timbales; David Torres: Piano; Francisco Torres: Trombone, Vocals 

Poncho Sanchez and Terrence Blanchard = Chano y Dizzy! was produced by Poncho Sanchez and Francisco Torres with Executive Producers John Burk and Ivory Daniel (Poncho Sanchez's daughter) on the Concord Music Group label. 

Poncho Sanchez summarizes the inspiration behind the 11-track release as, "These two musicians were the pioneers of what is now known as Latin Jazz. Chano Pozo was a genius. He's considered the godfather of the conga drummers, and he's someone whom I respect a great deal. And of course, Dizzy Gillespie was an iconic artist in American Jazz. I had the honor and pleasure of working with him on several occasions. These guys were the first musicians to bring elements of Latin music to American Jazz - which has resulted in some of the greatest music of the last 50 or 60 years. I felt that it was time to pay tribute to them and their accomplishments." 

The release opens with a medley of Tin Tin Deo, Manteca and Guachi Guaro, written by Chano Pozo, a driving sound lead by the rhythmic patter on the congas complemented by a duet between Terrence Blanchard on trumpet and Poncho's vocals; the tune sizzles as the band livens up the arrangement and they let it all out leaving nothing in their instruments.   

The track Con Alma, written by Dizzy Gillespie, is a melodic arrangement that features Terrence's trumpet prowess as he glides through tempo changes that Dizzy would be applauding. Terrence Blanchard contributes the track Wandering Wonder to the release that reflects the multiple influences of Jazz, Latin Jazz, and Soul; it is a pulsating arrangement that carries a big band horn section with a hard bass and percussion line. 

The track Siboney (Ernesto Lecuona) is an old Cuban song that is a favorite of Poncho and that he felt complemented the tribute to Chano and Dizzy. A mesmerizing beautiful melody made even more enchanting by Terrance's trumpet and the melodic percussion line. Groovin' High, another Dizzy Gillespie track, is rearranged from its swing format to a mambo beat and the transition fits like a glove. 

Other tracks on the release include, Nocturna, a soft track featuring an elegant trumpet and percussion segment, Harris' Walk, a funky arrangement that lends itself perfectly to the Latin vibe, Promenade, Jack's Dilemma, and Ariñañara, a salsa arrangement and a wrap-around song that closes the release with a similar vibe. 

For multi-Grammy winner trumpeter Terrence Blanchard, "The great thing about this band is that they take a very traditional approach to Latin music. They pay a lot of attention to the detail of the specific rhythms they're playing, and they understand the historical significance of keeping that heritage alive." 

For Poncho Sanchez, "Latin Jazz is the world's greatest music. It has the melodic and harmonic sophistication of Jazz and American standards, and the flavor and energy of Latin American music." 

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