Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo!
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Mocean Worker - Candygram for MowoMocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo! is an electro-funk and fun release on the Mowo! Inc. record label that makes you feel good. Mocean (pronounced Motion) Worker is the recording moniker for jazz musician, bass guitarist, vocalist, producer, Adam Dorn, son of the late Grammy-award winning producer Joel Dorn, for whom he dedicates the album. Mocean Worker is joined on the release by special guests, Lyrics Born, Bill Frisell, Charlie Hunter, Mindi Abair, John Ellis, Steven Bernstein, and Hal Willner.

Mocean Woker - Candygram for Mowo

Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo!     

Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo!: Shooby Shooby Do Yah, Swagger, My Own Little World, Hoot and Hollah, Sistas and Bruthas, It Still Don't Mean A Thing, Mels Tormént, Out There In The Random, Do Like Ya Like, Ya Damn Right, Say Yeah Yeah, Jive, Jive, Jive, Sho Nuff Now, JD

Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo! Personnel: All instruments, bleeps, bips, baps, hootin' and hollerin' by Mowo! and Adam Dorn unless otherwise indicated.

Shooby Shooby Do Yah! - Steven Bernstein - Trumpet; My Own Little World - Lyrics Born - vocals, Mindy Abair - Alto Sax; Sistas and Bruthas - Mindy Abair - Alto Sax, Bob Reynolds - Tenor Sax, Oli Rockberger - Piano, It Still Don't Mean A Thing - Steven Bernstein - Trumpet, Mels Tormént - Flute by Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Zach Danzinger - Drums, Special Guests: Bill Frisell, Charlie Hunter, John Ellis, and Hal Willner

Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo! was produced by Adam Dorn (aka Mocean Worker) and mixed by Paul Atkinson on the Mowo! Inc. record label. Adam Dornblum wrote all of the songs on Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo!, with the exception of Sistas and Bruthas, which he co-wrote with Oliver Rockberger.

Adam Dorn writes, "This album is dedicated in loving memory to Joel Dorn, my dad. We all miss you very, very much. I'm doin' my best to "Keep A Light In The Window."  

The release opens with the track Shooby Shooby Do Yah, which starts with horns blazing and recreates the big band sound while blending in modern tempo and reminded me of playful music, reminiscent of 1940s "Tom and Jerry" cartoons with the talented Steven Bernstein playing trumpet; and then slides into the track, Swagger, a song that will put the "strut" into your stuff with its repetitive riffs and horns. 

The track My Own Little World has a contemporary rap flavor with Lyrics Born contributing vocals; Hoot and Hollah is pure funk; Mindy Abair and Bob Reynolds, playing alto sax and tenor sax, create an interesting interplay on the track, Sistas and Bruthas, along with vocals by Mocean Worker, and Oli Rockberger on piano adding another layer. 

Other songs on the 14-track release include It Still Don't Mean A Thing, Mels Tormént, Out There In The Random, Do Like Ya Like, Ya Damn Right with its percussion mix up front and center, Say Yeah Yeah, Sho Nuff Now, Jive, Jive, Jive, and JD, a song that is a mere 1 minute 32 seconds and closes out Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo!  

Having worked with the late Joel Dorn throughout the years when he owned Hyena Records, I have a feeling that Joel is smiling and keeping his fingers tapping in time with the music on this release. 

Websites where you can procure Mocean Worker - Candygram for Mowo! are Amazon, iTunes, and Mocean Worker

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