Liane Carroll and Sue Richardson
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Liane Carroll, Sue Richardson from the London Jazz scene, and a look at traditional music from Cyprus.

Travel creates unexpected opportunities that sometimes keep giving long after you have returned home.


The first CD from London is an unbelievable solo performance by Liane Carroll entitled Billy No Mates. My wife and I happened upon Ms. Carroll at The PizzaExpress Jazz Club ( during a trip to London (November 2003); we wrote about her in the Destination article - “Best of London’. When I recently heard that her CD went into the Jazz Top 10 in London, I was not surprised, only wondered why it took so long.  Billy No Mates was a work of passion and strength by Ms. Carroll who, with only her piano and her outstanding Jazz voice, enraptures her audience with every song. She has a way of melding her piano playing with her voice into a fusion of sound that captivates her audience both live and on the CD. I love her scat on don’t blame me, where she shows that you don’t need a full band when you have passion, talent and an unbelievable voice. The tender song in the wee small hours, made famous by Frank Sinatra, shows off her sultry voice with her piano taking on background support to this amazing rendition.; this is must buy CD if you are into Jazz, and may be procured through Splash Point Records (  

Staying with the London Jazz scene, I have another gem from Splash Point Records by Sue Richardson entitled Out of a Song. On her debut CD, Ms. Richardson brings her unique Jazz style on vocals, trumpet and flugel horn. Ms. Richardson has interwoven her love for Jazz and her unique style on her own arrangements of some Jazz standards such as I Get a Kick Out of You, Let’s Fall in Love and A Foggy Day among others.  The Jazz genre provides talented artists the forum to stretch their wings, and the real Sue takes flight on her own compositions from the title cut Out Of A Song, as well as When Or Never, I Love Your Love, and A Love Song. My favorite cut is A Love Song where her voice floats on the notes of the piano, and where her songwriting artistry is heard with a fusion of electric guitar, soft snare and percussions, and of course that great piano accompaniment. If you are looking for an up-and-coming artist, then contact Splash Point Records and ask for Sue Richardson’s Out of a Song, you will not be disappointed.


Cyprus is a truly unique destination, one you hear about but never seem to find the time to travel to, but my wife and I were lucky to find time to experience the beauty and sounds of Cyprus. If you need more convincing information please read Destinations article – Cyprus. Music is the common bond by which countries revolve around and Cyprus with its fusion of so many cultures is rich in sounds. Two CD’s were recommended to me, by a Cypriot, Michelle Gabb, my butler at Thalassa, which typify the energy and diversification found in Cypriot music. The 2 CD’s were recorded by the artists Petros Eracleous and Toni Solomou on vocals and feature an assortment of instruments from the Greek lute, violin and of course the bouzouki. The first CD is Zorba entitled Fantastic Bouzouki Music, which contains the bouzouki, the instrument that is synonymous with Greece. The second CD is Cyprus Traditional Music and Dances, which is much more of the traditional dance music featuring the Greek lute and violin, and reflects the small town and village contribution. The bouzouki was the defining instrument, for me, with its distinct and embracing tones. Both CD’s display the energy and spirit of Cyprus throughout each song, and will continue to recall fond memories of a special time on Cyprus. 

Note – Music Scene is not sponsored by any third party. All music that is written about in Music Scene are the views and experiences of the author, and reflects a compilation of music, acquired during travel to unique destinations, which was recommended by our country host or a local resident, or just happening upon a music event, or searching out a Jazz club, or other live music venue.

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