Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions Ian Shaw, two time BBC Jazz Awards winner for Best Jazz Vocalist, presents a compilation of creatively arranged jazz, pop, and blues classics on Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions. Honed from a series of live sessions, the release showcases Ian Shaw's mastery of arrangements layered against his striking vocals.   


Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions  

Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions        

Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions: Get Out of Town; Human Nature; Skylark; Obsession; Stuck in The Middle With You; Since I Fell For You; The Lady's In Love With You; I'm Through With Love/Day Dream; Be Cool; I Get Along Without You Very Well; Darn That Dream; Today I Sing The Blues; Stairway To The Stars      

Personnel: Ian Shaw: Vocals; Peter Ind: Double Bass except track 5); David Preston: Guitar; Phil Ware: Piano; Gene Calderazzo:Drums; Zhenya Strigalev: Alto Saxophone; Miguel Gorodi: Trumpet; David Bee Bee:Bass (track 5)                                     

Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions was produced by Neal Richardson, recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio, and released on the Splash Point Records label. This is the third release for Ian Shaw on the Splash Point Records label; please see the Music Scene section to read a review of Ian Shaw - Somewhere Towards Love. Ian is a two time winner (2004 &2007) of the "Best Jazz Vocalist" at the BBC Jazz Awards

The Abbey Road Sessions was encouraged by four live shows at the famed Ronnie Scott's in London, where Ian's arrangements of classic songs from Cole Porter, Dori Kaymmi, Michael Jackson, Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael, and more created such a buzz that the only way to quench the musical thirst of his audience was to record the arrangements.   

The release opens with the track Get Out of Town (Cole Porter) with a foreboding arrangement that is matched by Ian's deep vocals; a commanding song that demands the listener's attention. Human Nature (song by Michael Jackson) is revived with an arrangement that draws on the layers of harmony fashioned by the band and Ian's vocals. The classic Skylark (Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael) is crafted to emphasis each syllable of each word, and Ian's vocal prowess with the band's background accompaniment results in a touching rendition. 

The track Obsession (Dori Caymmi, Tracy Mann, Gilson Peranzzetta) runs a scat tempo that drives the song along a hurried but controlled format; uniquely different and refreshing. Stuck in the Middle With You (Joe Egan,Gerry Rafferty) has a jazzed up arrangement with some punch and vigor. The track Since I Fell For You (Buddy Johnson) shows the depths that Ian projects with his unique singing style and his ability to envelop a song with passion and fervor.           

The Lady's In Love With You (Burton Lane, Frank Loesser) reverberates with Ian's style as he tackles this song with a bouncy arrangement that will have you snapping your fingers in time with the song. Ian's arrangement of the Joni Michell song Be Cool is cool and sassy, with a bit of intrigue. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Hoagy Carmichael, George Terry) is a story told to music, and Ian is the ideal singer/storyteller. Today I Sing The Blues (Curley Hamner, Cutis Reginald Lewis) is a playful blues ballad that Ian covers with a bit of impishness in his voice.  

The release also includes the tracks Stairway To The Stars, I Am Through With Love/Day Dream, and Darn That Dream; it is a refreshing compilation of jazz and blues that centers around creative arrangements and the vocal prowess of Ian Shaw.  

Websites where you can procure Ian Shaw - The Abbey Road Sessions are Splash Point Music, Amazon, iTunes, System Records, Myxer, HMV, and CD Universe.     

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