Daves True Story
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Dave's True Story at Satalla in New Yorkk Classic Jazz, unique lyrics, and outstanding showmanship.



As Frank Sinatra sang in the movie On the Town (1949) “New York, New York it’s a wonderful town”, and it is a wonderful town for great musicians and venues to take in live music.

But, please let me digress a bit and mention the numerous awards bestowed on Liane Carroll of Splash Point Records, an artist I covered in Luxury Experience magazine’s Music Scene section, as well as Liane was mentioned in the Destination section - Best of London. Everyone at Luxury Experience magazine thought she deserved accolades when we heard her live in November 2003. Liane has received her just due with accolades from the BBC Jazz Awards in July 2005, where she was awarded “Best Vocalist” and “Best of Jazz Award”; she is the first person to win 2 awards in the same year at the BBC Jazz Awards.  CONGRATULATIONS TO LIANE CARROLL!!!!!

Dave’s True Story Music Review

For Dave's True Story, not all of the band members are from New York, with the co-founder, lead guitarist and singer/songwriter Dave Cantor being the sole New Yorker, but the rest of the band has their soul in New York. The band is a frequent headliner on the New York Jazz scene, and I, along with Debra C. Argen and our friend Tim Garrabrandt, was able to catch them performing live at Satalla. Dave’s True Story started out as Dave Cantor and Kelly Flint co-founder on lead vocals; they added Jeff Eyrich on upright bass. They got their recording start in 1994 with their self titled release Dave’s True Story, which was re-released in 2002, but more on that later. This is a band with so much talent, and such a unique sound, that they seem to be 2 different bands heard live and recorded.  Their live sound is Dave, Kelly, Jeff and a guest drummer, who on the night I heard them was Richard Zukor, which lead to an evening of Kelly’s stage presence, swagger, audience interaction, and her on-going comments about Dave’s “quirky” lyrics and the occasional story on Dave’s inspiration for a song, hence the band’s name Dave’s True Story. In addition to hearing the band live at Satalla, we had the opportunity to interview and catch the band’s playful interaction prior to their performance, see below - Dave’s True Story, an interview with the band.

Dave's True Story in Concert
Dave's True Story in Concert

Hidden behind all the fun that this group has when they perform is the great jazz harmonic sound that Dave writes. Their recorded releases, which number 4 (Dave’s True Story 1994/2002, Sex Without Bodies 1998, Unauthorized 2000, and Nature 2005), contain the unique elements of the engaging Kelly’s perfectly matched vocals to Dave’s fun, naughty, insightful, and playful lyrics, along with a full assortment of instruments accompanying the band that include tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, electric bass, to list a few. Fans of the recorded classic jazz sound will really appreciate the depth, diversity and the updated classic jazz sound that Dave writes.   

With the release of the movie “Kissing Jessica Stein” in 2001 the band was rewarded with 2 songs off their first release, Dave’s True Story, Sequined Mermaid Dress and Crazy Eyes included on the movie soundtrack. With this new found exposure the band re-released Dave’s True Story with 4 bonus tracks, and opened their extensive repertoire to a new and growing audience.

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