Ray Blue - Berries and Blues
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Ray Blue - Berries and Blues Ray Blue's latest release Ray Blue - Berries and Blues melds Ray's love of blues, jazz, and African folk rhythms into a tight sound with soul and feeling. Ray has an uncanny ability to capture everyday experiences and project them through his music.


Ray Blue - Berries and Blues  

Ray Blue - Berries and Blues                  

Berries and Blues: Lift Every Voice and Sing; Baby... Just Tell Me; Berries for Breakfast; There is No Greater Love; Stella by Starlight; Work; Strollin'; Here We Go; Ubuntu; Amazing Grace   

Personnel: Ray Blue: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones; Tom McClung: Piano; Doug Sides: Drums; Rasul Sadik: Trumpet; Eric Jacot: Bass; Joe Ham: Drum Kicks; John Basile: Guitar

Ray Blue - Berries and Blues was released on the Funky Records label and is the fifth solo release from the hardworking saxophonist, Ray Blue. Ray uses the roots of blues and jazz, along with African folk rhythms for the arrangements on the release Berries and Blues. Ray has traveled all over the world and on Berries and Blues he melds his influences as he "serves you with Berries and Blues, fruits of my music." It is Ray's way of saying "good morning, good day and be well." To read a review of Ray's prior release, please visit the Music Scene section for Ray Blue - Transvision.

Ray opens the release with a short intro of Lift Every Voice and Sing and segues into Baby... Just Tell Me that speaks of communications, trust, and respect, that rings throughout the track from Ray's passionate saxophone work and his arrangement of the band's accompaniment; it is a direct and straight forward blend of jazz and blues. The track Berries for Breakfast reflects Ray's feeling on staying healthy and caring for your friends and family, which he conveys through soulful saxophone licks and an uplifting arrangement that features exceptional bass work.

There is No Greater Love is a ballad of love, passion, and feelings that is captured to perfection by Ray and the band. Uplifting, sensual, and fiery, it contains all of the elements of one's love for another. The iconic Stella by Starlight is a different love song, it communicates being insightful to the feelings of the person you love while still having a bit of playfulness in the relationship.

The track Work reflects the day-to-day life we all lead and the self-respect that comes from what we do; the track is inspirational and encourages us to take pride in our accomplishments. Strollin' is what Ray has done countless times as he has absorbed the beauty of traveling to different parts of the world while strolling to get to know a city and its people while having fun doing it; the song is free flowing and bouncy like you feel when you explore a city and find something new and exciting.

Here We Go is drawn from Ray's views of dreams coming true and treating yourself and others with kindness; the track starts off with the tug of your heartstring conveyed by the vibrant plucking of the bass guitar and the tinkling of the piano keys. The song moves into a heated section played by the saxophone and culminates with an all out jam by the band.

The release closes with the tracks Ubuntu, the understanding of how each of us affects the other and how this moves the world, this meaning is depicted by the back-and-forth between the piano and saxophone with soft brush strokes from the drums, and the final track, which is a short closing segment from the song Amazing Grace.    

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