Cirque Eloize iD, Montreal, Canada
Written by Debra C. Argen   
Cirque Eloize - iD, Montreal, Canada Ever since I was a child, I have always loved the excitement and the gaiety of the circus, especially the new contemporary circus featuring multi-disciplinary circus arts without the use of animal acts. While I was in Montréal, Canada, I had the opportunity to experience the magical production of iD by Cirque Éloize directed by Jeannot Painchaud that creatively captured all of the exhilaration that makes the circus so widely appealing for all ages.

Cirque Éloize, pronounced Cirque El-Waz, takes its name from a "word that comes from the Magdalen Islands and means ‘flashes of heat lightning seen on the horizon.' An inspiration for the troupe's seven founding members, this lightning symbolizes the heat and energy that feed the troupe's spirit." Founded in 1993, Cirque Éloize has impressive credentials of having created seven original productions, has completed almost 4,000 performances in 375 cities in 30 countries, and is a leader in the contemporary circus arts.

Cirque Éloize - iD, Montreal, Canada
Cirque Éloize - iD Artists

Oftentimes when I am traveling, I have the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time. Such was the case with the timing of my trip to Montréal in mid-July 2010 with my nephew, Steven M. Argen, where we had the opportunity to attend Cirque Éloize's production of iD. 

Cirque Éloize - iD, Montreal, Canada
Cirque Éloize - iD Artists

It was indeed a special summer evening sitting under the big top tent on the Quay of Old-Montréal as fourteen talented artists from ten circus disciplines kept us enthralled with their level of skill from the opening act until the show ended with a standing ovation from the appreciative audience. 

Cirque Éloize - iD, Montreal, Canada
Cirque Éloize - iD Artists

Cirque Éloize's iD featured all of the key elements that one has come to expect and want in a contemporary circus production, the use of jugglers, acrobats, aerial acts, and contortionists that left us wondering, "How is it possible for them to do that with their bodies?" There were also a few unexpected surprises, namely urban dance (breakdance and hip-hop) and in-line skating that when combined with video images, as well as with rock and electronic music, helped to establish a contemporary feel for the show, and Director Jeannot Painchaud's vision of a "futuristic city." 

Cirque Éloize - iD, Montreal, Canada
Cirque Éloize - iD Artists

Set against a dramatic urban background, the talented Cirque Éloize artists worked their magic with daring aerial acts that required agility, strength, and split second timing, juggling, chair balancing, trampowall acts, bicycle acts, and much more. The production left Steven and I with lasting memories of an enchanted evening spent at the circus, and was a wonderful "souvenir" of our time in Montréal. 
Cirque Éloize - iD, Montreal, Canada
Cirque Éloize - iD Artists 

The Talented Team behind Cirque Éloize 

Jeannot Painchaud


Jonathan St-Onge

Executive Producer

Mourad Merzouki

Artistic Contribution

Robert Massicotte

Set Designer, Illustrator and Video Projections Co-Designer

Krzysztof Soroczynski

Show Acrobatic Designer, Head Trainer and Trampowall Act Designer

Pierre Bernard

Artistic Consultant

Jean-Phi Goncalves


Alex McMahon


Linda Brunelle

Costumes Designer

Nicolas Descoteaux

Light Designer

Alexis Laurence

Video Projections Co-Designer

Suzanne Trépanier

Make-up Designer

Cirque Éloize - iD, Montreal, Canada
Cirque Éloize - iD Artists

The Talented Cirque Éloize Artists and their Disciplines 

Jean-Philippe Cuerrier

Hand to Hand

Nicolas Fortin

Juggling, Trampowall

Leilani Franco


Christian "Sancho" Garmatter

Urban Dances

Catherine Girard

Hand to Hand, Aerial Hoop

Elon Höglund

Urban Dances

Xuan Le

In-line Skating

Olivier Lemieux

Trampowall, Stilts

Emaa-Nuelle Lephan

Urban Dances

Josianne Levasseur

Cyr Wheel, Trampowall

Richard Maguire

Urban Dances, Hand Balancing, Trampowall

Hugo Ouellet-Côté

Straps, Trampowall, Juggling

Thibaut Philippe

Trial Bike

Fletcher Sanchez

Chinese Pole, Trampowall

Emi Vauthey

Aerial Silk, Contortion

Kone Thong Vongpraseuth

Urban Dances

Cirque Éloize - iD, Montreal, Canada
Cirque Éloize - iD Artists
The Cirque Éloize production of iD runs until August 1, 2010. Please visit the Cirque Éloize website for information on upcoming Montréal performances as well as for touring performances.  

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