Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time is a look at the roots of jazz fusion, circa late 1970's to early 1980's, but with the opportunity to infuse 20+ years of musical influences into a release and style that is as much now as it was then. Jeff's arrangements, with the assistance of noted musicians such as Jimmy Haslip, The Blood Sweat & Tears Horns, Randy Becker, Eric Marienthal, Paul Jackson Jr., and Vinnie Colaiuta, are like a fine wine, the balance is perfect. 


Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time                    

Now is the Time: Rain Dance / Wanna Fly; Dr. Moy; Pixel; Sugar Free; Mysterious Traveler; Curtains / Before We Go; Black Ice; Las Rosas; Chinese Medicinal Herbs; Water Sign; Sumatra               

Personnel: Jeff Lorber: Keyboards, Guitar, Synth Bass; Irene B: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals; Frankie Biggz: Background Vocals; Paul Jackson Jr.: Guitar; Randy Becker: Flugelhorn; Jimmy Haslip: Bass, Percussion; Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums; Jimmy Branly: Percussion; The Blood Sweat & Tears Horn; Tony Maiden: Guitar; Eric Marienthal: Alto, Tenor, and Soprano Saxophone; Alex Al: Bass; Li'l John Roberts: Drums; Lenny Castro: Percussion; David Mann: Horn Section, Arrangement; Michael Thompson: Guitar; Larry Koonse: Guitar; Tom Timko: Flute; Steve Jankowski: Flugelhorn; Dave Weckl: Drums;                 

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time was produced by Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, and Bobby Colomby and released on the Heads Up International label a division of Concord Music Group. For Jeff Lorber, now is not only the time but it is the perfect time to refresh the jazz fusion style, a ground breaking sound that he was instrumental in making famous, which he started in the late 1970's to the early 1980's, and continues to today with the release of Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time. Jeff dips into his vast repertoire of music and selects gems from the jazz fusion movement along with some originals.

The release opens with Rain Dance / Wanna Fly (1979) a funkier and bolder arrangement from the original that is spiced up by the vocals of Irene B. and the brass sound from The Blood Sweat & Tears Horns. The track Dr. Moy reflects the influences on Jeff over the past 2+ decades, but the classic jazz fusion sound is still at the center of this track along with a funky and sassy side to the arrangement. The track Pixel is a collaboration by Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, and Bobby Colomby and carries a improvisational jazz swagger along with the distinct Jimmy Haslip bass line coupled with the drums that creates the foundation for the keyboards and The Blood Sweat & Tears Horns.

The track Sugar Free is a collaboration by Jeff Lorber, Irene B. and Frankie Biggz with the band framing Irene B's vocals in tight and cascading fashion as Irene does all the lead and backing vocals. The track Mysterious Traveler (Weather Report 1974) was one of Lorber's favorite tracks, but he knew that he had to outdo himself to compete with the original Weather Report version, and he accomplished his intention. Lorber's funkier, jazzier, and direct arrangement brings out segments of the music in a live jam fashion.

Curtains / Before We Go, a collaboration by Jeff, Irene, and Frankie Biggz, features the sensual vocals of Irene B. and playful saxophone and keyboard solos. Black Ice (1978) is a refreshed arrangement that focuses on the bass and drums to create the ambiance and introduce solos by the alto saxophone, guitar, and keyboards before bringing it all together for a powerful finish.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs (1977) is an expressive track that captures the essence of jazz fusion with an offbeat 7/4 signature and an arrangement that blends the band into a balanced harmonious sound.

Other tracks include Las Rosas, a beautiful instrumental arrangement that centers on Jeff Lorber's velvety keyboard work and Eric Morienthal's engaging soprano saxophone; Water Sign, with swing undertones against Irene B's lively vocals and an energetic jazz melody; and Sumatra featuring the enduring sound of The Blood Sweat & Tears Horns.

Jeff's look back at jazz fusion is a look at the present, and to the future, that shows how time continues to open new channels and styles evolving the sound to new levels, as only jazz can.             

Websites where you can procure Jeff Lorber Fusion - Now is the Time are Concord Music Group, Amazon, iTunes, and Tower Records.    

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