Arturo Sandoval - A Time for Love
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Arturo Sandoval - A Time for Love Arturo Sandoval - A Time for Love is a look at Arturo's classical influence with a jazz flavor showing that the trumpet is an instrument of love as he works his magic in a symphonic setting.  


Arturo Sandoval - A Time for Love

Arturo Sandoval - A Time for Love                    

A Time for Love: Aprés un Reve (After the Dream); Emily; Speak Low; Estate; A Time for Love; Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess); I Loves You Porgy; Oblivion (How to Say Goodbye); Pavane; Smile; All The Way; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; Windmills of Your Mind; Every Time We Say Goodbye              

Personnel: Arturo Sandoval: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals; Shelly Berg: Piano; Chuck Berghofer: Bass; Gregg Field: Drums, Percussion; Special Guests: Chris Botti: Trumpet; Monica Mancini: Vocals; Kenny Barron: Piano                

Arturo Sandoval - A Time for Love was produced by Gregg Field and Jorge Calandrelli and released on the Concord Music Group label. Listening to a new release by the Havana-born Multiple-Grammy Award Winner Arturo Sandoval is like finding a slice of utopia to retreat to, and with A Time for Love, he has never sounded better. Like so many musicians who have extraordinary ideas floating around in their head, but their record label has a set formula for them to follow, Arturo had an idea to "Let me play softly, let me play ballads with a big orchestra behind me. Let me hear the other violins and violas,...Let me be inspired by a symphonic setting." Well, it took a few years, 20 years to be exact, since he has been living and recording in the USA, but Arturo was finally able to convince the record label of his concept, and we are rewarded with A Time for Love.  

The passionate musicianship that we have come to expect is still there, as is the African-Cuban jazz and bebop influence, but set against a classical backdrop that evokes "the language of love."

The lead track is Aprés un Reve (After the Dream) and Arturo shows that the trumpet is truly a tool for romance and for creating an intimate setting. Complemented by the orchestral strings the song takes on new meaning and feeling. The track Emily starts as a duet of the trumpet and piano and melds in the soft brushes on the drums to conjure up a fantasy like consciousness; a very beautiful and touching arrangement. The track Speak Low moves the tempo up and brings in a jazz flavor with some swing that is accented by the keyboards of Shelly Berg.  

The tracks Estate and Smile are "extra" special as Arturo brings forth his vocal prowess in both Italian and English. The renderings are timeless in their arrangements and the addition of Arturo's lyrics casts the ideal tenor of amore. The title track A Time for Love is arranged using Arturo's classical and jazz influences, and reflects the best of both worlds on this tender moving track. Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess) features Chris Botti on trumpet with Arturo, and together they are a tour de force taking this arrangement to new heights of passion.

Oblivion (How to Say Goodbye) features Monica Mancini on lead vocals debuting the lyrics in English, and her performance is a natural fit to complement the horn and string segments. Song after song, the arrangements are refreshing and compelling with the inclusion of Arturo's trumpet. The release also includes the tracks Pavane, Smile, All The Way, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, an encore track Windmills of Your Mind, and a bonus track Every Time We Say Goodbye. A Time for Love sets the mood leaving you only to select the wine and let the magic happen.

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