Steve Colson - The Untarnished Dream
Written by Edward F. Nesta   
Steve Colson - The Untarnished Dream Gifted pianist Steve Colson rewards his listeners with an assortment of improvisations and Avant-Garde jazz tracks from his catalog of music spanning more than 40 years on the release Steve Colson - The Untarnished Dream.    


Steve Colson - The Untarnished Dream  

Steve Colson - The Untarnished Dream                    

The Untarnished Dream: Circumstantial; Digression; Iqua's Waltz; Triumph of the Outcasts Coming; Maybe; Parallel Universe; The Untarnished Dream; Warriors; And It Was Set In Ivory        

Personnel: Adegoke Steve Colson: piano; Reggie Workman: bass; Andrew Cyrille: drums; Iqua Colson: vocals           

Steve Colson - The Untarnished Dream was produced by Adegoke Steve Colson and released on the indie Silver Sphinx Records label. Steve's first recording in over five years, and his first piano trio, is the Avant-Garde The Untarnished Dream that features several original songs that have been a part of his repertoire for many years along with some new material; as Steve says "I am always composing."  With over five decades of experience and having recorded with a Who's Who of jazz greats, Steve treats those who may not know his unique talents to a memorable release. 

The release opens with Circumstantial, an improvisational jazz beat that lets the band unwind and loosen up while still holding a tight structured jazz line. Featuring the extraordinary piano work of Steve, the trio revolves around his lead.  The track Digression (written in 2008) features vocals by Iqua Colson, Steve's wife, who does not overpower the song, but rides with the subtle melody and beautiful piano work. The track Iqua's Waltz (written in 1976) opens to a waltz time with a duet between the brush strokes on the drums and Steve tickling the ivories; the trio pushes the track with a jazzy interlude and then closes out where it all started with the brush strokes and piano duet. 

The track Triumph of the Outcasts Coming leads with a controlled drum solo that pushes along to a short segment of Iqua's vocals as she moves the song to another level chanting "The Outcasts are coming, the outcasts are coming, ...", the arrangement then transitions into a rousing trio collaboration. Maybe is an improvisational jazz piece that features the trio playing off each other to an arrangement that is typical Steve Colson, free flowing, yet pushing the boundaries while retaining a tight structure. The track Parallel Universe (written in 2008) takes the release in a different direction with a funky sound featuring Reggie Workman's deft bass playing setting the table; the trio comes together in an edgy series of changes between instruments resulting in a sound the defines Avant-Garde. 

The title track The Untarnished Dream is a snappy tune that has Iqua's vocals pacing the sound while the trio takes a turn showing off their musicianship. The track Warriors is all Steve Colson as he entertains you with his charismatic Boogie-Woogie piano work. The release closes with And It Was Set in Ivory an African percussion influenced arrangement that is a natural fit for Iqua's vocals. 

Websites where you can procure Steve Colson - The Untarnished Dream are Dig Station, CD Baby, Rhombus Records, and Amazon.    

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