Blue Note New York Features Luba Mason and Friends
Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   

Luba Mason at Blue Note New York - Photo by Luxury ExperienceSultry and sexy Luba Mason, together with Friends, Jimmy Haslip, Sandro Albert, Dario Eskenazi, and Marco Costa, and special guest Ruben Blades, played to a full house at the Blue Note New York.


Luba Mason performing at the Blue Note New York - Photo by Luxury ExperienceIt was July 13, 2009, summer in New York, and despite the perfect weather and the fact that it was a Monday evening, every seat in the Blue Note New York was filled to hear Luba Mason perform with the extremely talented ensemble that included Jimmy Haslip of the
Yellowjackets on bass, Dario Eskenazi of Paquito D'Rivera on piano, Sandro Albert on guitar, Marco Costa on drums, and Ruben Blades whose resume includes that of salsa singer, songwriter, lawyer, actor, Latin jazz musician, and politician. The enthusiastic audience included a "Who's Who" of New York musicians and notables including Paul Shaffer, Music Director for the David Letterman show, François Zalacain of Sunnyside Records, jazz aficionados, and of course, Luxury Experience - Edward F. Nesta and Debra C. Argen.

Ruben Blades - Photo by Luxury Experience
Ruben Blades

Luba Mason, a veteran of the Broadway stage, film, and television, knows how to give a great performance, and expertly engaged the audience from the minute that she stepped onstage and opened with the song, Krazy Love, written by Ze Renato and Luba Mason, which speaks of the ups and downs of love off her new album by the same title released on the Sunnyside Records label.

Luba Mason at the Blue Note New York - Photo by Luxury Experience
Luba Mason

She continued with the song, Lovely (written by Luba Mason), followed by A Summer Night, (written by Luba Mason), a reflective piece that opened with Dario Eskenazi on piano to set the mood, then Luba joining him to create an intimate interlude of piano and voice with Jimmy Haslip, Marco Costa, and Sandro Albert rounding it out.

Dario Eskenazi on Piano - Photo by Luxury Experience
Dario Eskenazi on Piano

Ruben Blades joined Luba onstage for the Pedro Gaetano song, E Com Esse Que Eu Vou, (And it is with you that I go), which had electrifying sparks lighting up the stage from the chemistry of husband and wife, Ruben and Luba.

Luba Mason and Ruben Blades performing at the Blue Note New York - Photo by Luxury Experience
Luba Mason and Ruben Blades

Luba took over the piano from Dario Eskenazi and performed solo for the Chico Buarque song, Olhos nos Olhos (Eye to Eye), which Chico wrote from the female perspective about a woman whose lover leaves her for another, and now realizes that she is doing better, and is happier without him.

Jimmy Haslip - Photo by Luxury Experience
Jimmy Haslip

She introduced the song, This House, (written by Renato Neto and Luba Mason), as inspired by her parents selling their home of 30 years where she grew up and the memories within those walls, which featured all members of the band.

Marco Costa - Photo by Luxury Experience
Marco Costa

Luba continued with Gorgeous Fool, another Renato Neto and Luba Mason collaboration, which is about meeting someone for the first time and then later seeing their flaws; followed by Xmas In July which she wrote, that was a beautiful pairing of Luba's voice and Sandro Albert's guitar.

Sandro Albert - Photo by Luxury Experience
Sandro Albert

The performance showcased Luba Mason's incredible vocal range and ability to connect with the audience as she sung many cuts off the Krazy Love album, that when combined with the talents of Friends - Ruben Blades, Jimmy Haslip, Dario Eskenazi, and Sandro Albert, it was a night to remember at the Blue Note New York.

Luba Mason and Edward F. Nesta at the Blue Note New York - Photo by Luxury Experience
Luba Mason and Edward Nesta

Read about Krazy Love released on the Sunnyside Records label in the Music Scene. Visit the Luba Mason website, to see her upcoming performances calendar.

Jimmy Haslip and Debra C. Argen at the Blue Note New York - Photo by Luxury Experience
Jimmy Haslip and Debra Argen

To learn more about the Blue Note New York, prominent on the New York music scene since 1981, and the upcoming performances calendar, please visit the website: The Blue Note offers music nightly at 8:00 pm and 10:30 pm, a Late Night Groove Series on Friday and Saturday at 12:30 am, and a Sunday Brunch.

Blue Note New York - Photo by Luxury Experience

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