Liane Carroll and Brian Kellock Live at the Lampie
Written by Edward F. Nesta   

Liane Carroll Brian Kellock Live at the LampieLiane Carroll and Brian Kellock - Live at the Lampie is a production that lets the live performance speak for itself as it captures the raw power of two of the United Kingdom's top Jazz artists. 


Liane Carroll and Brian Kellock - Live at the Lampie

Liane Carroll and Brian Kellock - Live at the Lampie                 

Live at the Lampie: Love For Sale; Falling In Love With Love; Alfie; Lover Come Back To Me; I Got it Bad (And That Ain't Good); Come Rain Or Come Shine; Time After Time; Witchcraft; Come Rain Or Shine (Alt. Take) 

Personnel: Liane Carroll: Fronting Vocals; Brian Kellock: Piano   

Liane Carroll and Brian Kellock - Live at the Lampie was released on the Splash Point Records label and marks the fifth project by Liane Carroll on the Splash Point Records label. Live at the Lampie brings together two of the United Kingdom's biggest and brightest jazz stars with England's Liane Carroll on vocals and Scotland's Brian Kellock on piano. The best way to experience the emotion, spontaneity, and energy of Liane Carroll is live, and on Live at the Lampie you are front and center for her performance while adding in the vibrant personality of jazz pianist extraordinaire Brian Kellock. To read reviews on prior Liane Carroll releases see Liane Carroll's Slow Down, Standard Issue, and Billy No Mates in the Music Scene section.

Live at the Lampie opens with the Cole Porter classic Love For Sale, and from the opening tinkling by Brian on the keyboards and the first words that Liane sings, they both pour themselves into their body of work. Brian's brazen piano work is matched by Liane's audacious vocals and scat.

The track Falling in Love With Love is Liane at her remarkable best as she uses her unique ability to blend her vocals seamlessly with the piano accompaniment to create a sound that that will leave you captivated and clapping with the audience at the end. Their extended cover of the track Alfie captures the painful emotions and feelings of lost love that the original sound track projected.

Love Come Back To Me starts off with a powerful a cappella interlude before the piano breaks in to complement a rousing fast-paced scat. There is a track on every release that you sit back and say wow, and Love Come Back to Me is that track with its unadulterated musicianship. The arrangement of I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) is a bit of cat and mouse as they play off each other in symbiotic fashion.

They encapsulate the deep sentiment that the track Come Rain Or Come Shine was meant to generate through creative phrasing, pacing, animated piano playing, and Liane's beguiling vocals and scat. They slow things down with their exquisite rendering of Time After Time that allowed Liane to take over the song and cull each phrase with her voice while drawing her audience into her musical web.    

They have put their unique and alternative stamp on each of the arrangements for the release and never more so than on the classic Witchcraft. The track leads off with Liane's scat in harmony with Brian's keyboard work; they transform the arrangement into a mystifying collaboration of keyboard and scat, which is what makes capturing the moment of a live production so special. As a bonus the release includes an alternative take of Come Rain or Come Shine providing a new and fresh arrangement adding to the creativity that a live performance offers.    

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