International Fashion Inspiration Fall 2009 - Ports 1961, Tibi, Pamella Roland
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Design by Amy Smilovic for TibiDesigners Tia Cibani for Ports 1961, Amy Smilovic for Tibi, and Pamella DeVos of Pamella Roland found international inspiration for their collections for Fall and Winter 2009 shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.



Although the fall and winter weather forecast may be cold and dreary with grey skies, Designer Tia Cibani for Ports 1961 brightens up her line of clothing as well as our attitudes with her colorful palette of exciting hues incorporating azalea, begonia, ruby, jasmine, primrose, apricot, azure, amber, and betel leaf, with enough neutrals dispersed throughout for traditionalists, using kohl, henna, tea, and moonstone. Fabrics include rich brocades, jacquards, bouclé, lame, wool gauze, mousseline, jersey, chintz, silk, velour, and velvet, with embellishments of sequins and glass bangles.

Design by Ports 1961    Design by Ports 1961
Designs by Ports 1961

Tia Cibani's inspiration for her Fall and Winter 2009 Collection was India's Mughal Dynasty and she had her models take to the runway accompanied by the five-piece d'hol ‘n' brass band, Red Baraat Festival led by Sunny Jain on Dhol, with band members Rohin Khemani on Snare Drum, Arun Luthra on Soprano Sax, Dave Smith on Trombone, and John Altieri on Sousaphone.

Red Baraat Festival led by Sunny Jain
Red Baraat Festival

The collection featured 36 looks that included coats, trousers, dresses, blouses, vests, blazers, capes, boleros, and jackets. A few selections from the collection included an Azure Quãleen Jacket paired with Amber Salwar Trouser, Moonstone Shell, and Kohl Chãnd Pump; Moonstone Sari Sheath paired with Kohl Chãnd Pump; Henna Quilted Sheath, Leher Yarn Scarf, Apricot Meher Pump; Betel Leaf Print Blouse paired with Azalea Velvet Sharara Trouser, and Tea Rui Slipper; Azalea Silk Sari Dress, Azalea Glass Bangles, and Moonstone Nur Boot; Begonia Kinara Dress with Moonstone Nur Boot; Ruby Ombré Jeweled Dress with Azalea Tie Dye Slipper; Henna Velvet Bandeau Dress, Azalea Glass Bangles, and Azalea Tie Dye Slipper; Nigella Kinara Coat with Azalea Meher Pump;  and Amber Jacquard Choli Coat paired with Jersey Salwar Trouser and Apricot Meher Pump.

Design by Ports 1961 Design by Ports 1961 Design by Ports 1961
Designs by Ports 1961

Amy Smilovic, the designer and founder of Tibi, found her inspiration from the Russian fairytale, "The Tale of the Firebird" for her Fall 2009 Collection that incorporated a glamorous look with beading, sequins, embroidery, and fur collars, cuffs, vests, and hats.

Amy Smilovic Designer and Founder of Tibi
Design Amy Smilovic of Tibi

The collection of 36 looks also featured a bright color palette that incorporated paisleys and prints, and included jackets, blazers, jumpsuits, stove pipe stretch pants, tunics, bustiers, capes, skirts, dresses, and gowns using jacquards, lace brocades, chiffon, and stretch wool.

Design by Tibi  Design by Tibi
Designs by Tibi

Peplums figured prominently in the collection and included a Tsar Peplum Jacket with Stove Pipe Stretch Wool Pant; Zarina Riding Coat with Peplum; and Tucked Shoulder Blouse with Tsar Peplum Skirt.

Designs by Tibi
Tibi Models

Asymmetric looks were also popular and included a Fluer Asymmetrical Dress; Asymmetrical Ruffle Blazer paired with Artic Blue Tank and Stove Pipe Stretch Wool Pant; Odessa Asymmetrical Dress; Firebird One-Shoulder Dress, Teal Asymmetrical Sheath; and Enchanted Forrest Sparkle Chiffon Beaded Chiffon Dress.

Design by Tibi Design by Tibi
Designs by Tibi

Russia was also the inspiration for Designer Pamella DeVos of Pamella Roland prominently featuring folk embroidery, jeweled encrusted belts, crystals, beading, feathers, and sumptuous fur in her collection of 56 looks.

Pamella DeVos and Family
Designer Pamella DeVos and Family

Design by Pamella Roland For Fall 2009, Pamella chose a palate of neutrals - winter white, charcoal, black, navy, silver, and gold, combined with rich colors of cranberry, berry, amethyst, grape, burgundy, blueberry, sapphire, chartreuse, emerald, and ruby, using sateen, her signature chiffon, velvet, cashmere, silk, and even python for her collection of skirts, blouses, pants, jumpsuit, dresses, jackets, coats, and gowns.

A few highlights of her dresses and gowns included a Black Silk Velvet Diamond Encrusted Fabergé Dress; Gold Degrade Embroidered Fabergé Dress; Winter White Sateen Chiffon Feather/Paisley Embroidered Gown; Black Silk Velvet Spiral Strap Bejeweled Gown; and Black Sateen Plunging Back Gown.

Design by Pamella Roland   Design by Pamella Roland
Designs by Pamella Rolland

Other highlights included a Charcoal Chintz Stretch Flannel Vest with Mink Trim paired with White Stretch Cotton Bow Shirt, Charcoal Pinstripe Chintz Stretch Flannel Flared Pant, and Silver and Stones Encrusted Hip Belt; Cranberry Goat Suede Floor Length Tiered Coat with Fox Fur Cuffs paired with Black Cashmere Sleeveless Turtleneck Knit Top and Black Silk Cotton Paisley Matelasse Slim Pant; and Black Fox/Chiffon Tiered Evening Coat paired with Winter White Sateen Tiered Front Blouse, Winter White Sateen Flared Pants, and Black Jet Encrusted Hip Belt. Among the many celebrities at the show included Nicky Hilton and her sister Paris Hilton who was spotted in the front row sitting next to Pamella's daughters.

Design by Pamella Roland   Design by Pamella Roland
Designs by Pamella Rolland

As always, remember, that when it comes to fashion, it is not only about what you wear, it is also how you wear it! Know your own style and have a fashionable season!

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