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Swedish Chef Tina Nordstrom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Consul General Kjell Anneling, and Tina NordstromThere is more to Swedish Cooking then just Swedish Meatballs.



Consul General Kjell Anneling and Tina Nordstrom There is much more to Swedish Cooking then just Swedish meatballs, as Swedish Chef Tina Nordström has set out to demonstrate with her new television cooking series on Public Television, entitled New Scandinavian Cooking, which begins in the United States in September 2005. On September 22, 2005, Edward F. Nesta and I saw a preview of Ms. Nordström’s cooking show, as well as indulged in her Scandinavian cooking at the home of Consul General of Sweden Ambassador Kjell Anneling and his wife, Mrs. Birgit Anneling, in New York.

In addition to Ms. Nordström’s highly credentialed background, she grew up in her family’s restaurant business, went to cooking school, worked for 10 years as a professional chef in Denmark and Sweden, has 3 cookbooks: Tina’s Mat – Tina’s Food 2001, Jättegodt Tina –Delicious: Tina, 2002, and Tina 2003, with a 4th on its way, she is the epitome of Sweden, with her blonde Scandinavian good looks. However, she is more than just a pretty face, she is a daring adventuress in life as well as in the kitchen.

Tina Nordstrom serving Swedish MeatballsHer new television program of 13 episodes provides viewers with an insider’s look at the beauty of Sweden, and combines traveling with cooking. Ever the adventurer, she scuba dives for oysters, travels to exotic parts of Sweden by boat, horse, reindeer sled, paragliding, and downhill skis her way through Sweden to show the beauty of the country as both a travel and culinary destination. Her show also showcases some of the traditional holidays like Midsummer Night.

Invited guests got to sample some of Ms. Nordström’s culinary creations, which included a potato, onion, boiled egg, sour cream and dill salad with smoked salmon, a salad of arugula, oranges, and Parma ham, roast beef, tomato and horseradish on toast, minced scallops and onions served on a spoon, mackerel in a cream sauce, and of course, the requisite Swedish meatballs served with a sauce which included a special white Swedish cheese, and were accompanied by marinated cucumbers and ligonberries. For dessert, she had made a delicious chocolate candy filled with nuts and dried berries.

Annika Benjes, Brigit Anneling, Tina Nordstrom, Consul General, and DebraAfter the reception, I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Nordström, and asked her about some of the challenges of traveling and cooking on the road for this program. She said “when I went diving for oysters, it was like heaven for me, at least as a chef, as there were so many oysters to put in my basket. There were ingredients down there that I needed to get.” Of course, the success of her television shows in Sweden, has presented some interesting challenges for her. “I went from being the girl next door, to the girl next door to everyone. At home when I go grocery shopping, people always look into my cart to see what I am buying.” She is expecting her first child, and I asked her if she had a little chef in there, to which she responded with a smile, “I hope so.”

For more information on Sweden, please visit:, and for information on Tina Nordström, please visit

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