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Savor Skane at Restaurant Aquavit, NYC PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   
Chef Daniel Berlin and Celeriac Soup.- photo by Luxury ExperienceRestaurant Aquavit in New York was the location of Savor Skåne, hosted by Visit Sweden, which featured visiting Chef Daniel Berlin, owner of the restaurant, Daniel Berlin Krog i Skane, located in Tranås, Sweden, who brought a delicious and highly creative taste of the Skåne region to New York.


Skåne, located in the southernmost part of Sweden, has become an important gastronomic destination over the past several years where the focus is on the rich variety of its local ingredients as well as the innovative approach of its chefs.

Chef Daniel Berlin, Chef Marcus Jernmark, Hakan Swahn - Photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Daniel Berlin, Chef MarcusJernmark, and Håkan Swahn

On October 4, 2012, Visit Sweden hosted the culinary event, Savor Skåne at Restaurant Aquavit in New York, which has been "celebrating Scandinavian culinary traditions since 1987." Owner Mr. Håkan Swahn and Chef Marcus Jernmark had another reason to celebrate as well, as Restaurant Aquavit received a Michelin-star on October 3, 2012.

Annika Benjes, Edward F. Nesta, Eva Engman  - Photo by Luxury Experience
Annika Benjes, Edward Nesta, Eva Engman

The restaurant is stunning, and features Scandinavian design and rows of large glass jars of Restaurant Aquavit's famous infusions for their innovative cocktails. For the Savor Skåne event, Visit Sweden invited Swedish singer, Eva Engman to perform a selection of songs, the restaurant brought in antiques from Laserow Antiques & Interior Design to complement visiting Chef Daniel Berlin's innovative tasting menu, and there were lovely cocktails made with Karlsson's Gold Vodka from Sweden, which is made from potatoes.

Chef Daniel Berlin of Daniel Berlin Krog i Skåne at Restaurant Aquavit in New York
Savor Skåne Tasting Menu

Cod and Cauliflower
Veal Tartare
Goose Dumplings
Egg and Eel
Goat Cheese from Vilhelmsdals
Sunchokes and Porcini Mushrooms
Celeriac Soup
Cucumber Sorbet on Fennel Cream with Mache

Speaking with Chef Daniel Berlin, he stated that one of his favorite ingredients is cauliflower, and for the special tasting event, he created a lovely appetizer of Cod and Cauliflower, artfully presented on a spoon.

Cod and Cauliflower  - Photo by Luxury Experience
Cod and Cauliflower

Chef Daniel Berlin also served Veal Tartare, flavorful Goose Dumplings, and a tasty presentation of Egg and Eel that he served in a porcelain egg-shaped cup and topped with a layer of foam. There was a nice selection of regional goat cheeses from Vilhelmsdals, Sweden, and an earthy presentation of baked sunchokes topped with thinly sliced porcini mushrooms.

Egg Eel  - Photo by Luxury Experience    Sunchokes and Wild Mushrooms  - Photo by Luxury Experience
Egg and Eel                              Sunchokes and
                                                 Porcini Mushrooms

Veal Tartare  - Photo by Luxury Experience
Veal Tartare

The Celeriac Soup was one of our favorites, and beautifully showed Chef Daniel Berlin's creative approach to traditional root vegetables. He placed whole celeriac roots over charcoal and grilled them for 6 hours, and then finished cooking them in the oven for two additional hours. The result was celeriac root that was very tender and rich with flavor. He cut the grilled celeriac root in half, and then scooped a small amount into a creamy soup base poured from a teapot into each glass cup. The soup was a combination of lovely flavors and textures, including large tapioca pearls that he had softened in a small amount of melted butter and Swedish vinegar.  

Chef Daniel Berlin and Celeriac Soup  - Photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Daniel Berlin and Celeriac Soup

For dessert, Chef Daniel Berlin took a savory approach with his creation of Cucumber Sorbet on Fennel Cream with Mache, which he served in a glass cup. We loved the interesting flavor profile of this recipe, and appreciated his interplay of using savory ingredients presented as sweet.

Cucumber Sorbet  - Photo by Luxury Experience
Cucumber Sorbet on Fennel Cream with Mache

We had the opportunity to meet with Chef Daniel Berlin before the event and he described how the culinary scene in Sweden has changed over the past three years. In the past, chefs spiced up the ingredients more, and now they are taking pride in their ingredients, and letting the ingredients speak for themselves. His selections for the evening's tasting menu clearly demonstrated the new culinary philosophy.

Chef Daniel Berlin attended a three-year culinary program in Sweden, and he advises those interested in a culinary career, that they should work and see the world. He explained that for a chef, it is easy to travel, as they can work anywhere. What he likes most about his career, is that a restaurant does not judge, everyone is the same, only hard work matters. Owning a successful restaurant with his mother and his father, does not afford him much free time, however when time allows, he likes to go fishing on his boat, and enjoys meeting his girlfriend on Sunday evenings. 

Chef Daniel Berlin and Edward F. Nesta - Photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Daniel Berlin and Edward F. Nesta

The event was a delightful introduction to Skåne as a culinary destination for those unfamiliar with that region of Sweden, and provided guests with the opportunity to meet with Swedish representatives to learn more about the area. As for us, it was an evening of savoring the rich ingredients and the resourcefulness of Chef Daniel Berlin, and remembering the time that we had spent in Sweden, discovering the beauty and the culinary delights of the Skåne region.

Chef Marcus Jernmark and Visit Sweden Team  - Photo by Luxury Experience
Chef Marcus Jernmark and Visit Sweden Team

Restaurant Aquavit serves Lunch Monday through Friday from 11:45 am until 2:30 pm, and Dinner Monday through Saturday from 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Read the Chefs' Recipes section for an interview and recipes from Chef Marcus Jernmark of Restaurant Aquavit.

Aquavit New York

Restaurant Aquavit
Park Avenue Tower
65 East 55th Street between Park and Madison Avenues
New York, New York 10022
United States
Telephone:     +1-212-307-731
Email:              This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Daniel BerlinDaniel Berlin Krog i Skåne
Diligensvägen 21
273 92 Skåne Tranås
Telephone:   +041-720-300

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