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H Stern Jewelry PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   

H Stern Crystal Power RingsH. STERN creates inspired jewelry for over 60 years!



H Stern on 5th Avenue NYCSince 1945, the jeweler H. STERN has been creating inspired jewelry, and if the name seems familiar, it is because they have 165 stores around the world in 12 countries. In April 2004, I toured their store and museum at their Rio de Janeiro, Brazil headquarters, (Read our article in Destinations - From Rio with Love) and was amazed by the history and incredible collection of gemstones.On July 15, 2005, I met with Ms. Andrea Hansen, Marketing Director for North America, at their 9,000 square foot Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, which they opened 30 years ago. The store is filled with 110 display cases, which showcase their design collections. H. STERN introduces 2 collections per year, with the design work done in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. In 1995, for their 50th anniversary, the company repositioned itself as a design company. Andrea said that previously everything was about colored stones, and that the company’s change reflected the change to a younger, more style-conscious clientele. With that in mind, they never lose track of the younger client, and always introduce some products in an affordable price point. “The only thing constant about H. STERN is change.”

H Stern Sunrise EarringsShe said that 95% of the H. STERN brand is focused on the woman, and is either self-purchased, selected by a woman, or by a man who comes to H. STERN based on the brand. The privately held company founded by Hans Stern, and together with his sons, Roberto, who is breaking the mold with new creative designs in Brazil, and Ronaldo, who runs the New York store, H. STERN continues to enchant and delight with their creativity, dedication to excellence in service and their professionalism.

When I met with Ms. Hansen she had just come from an exciting trip to visit the emerald mines in Brazil for H. STERN, where she descended 250 feet into the mines, which are like a cave. Inside, it must have looked like Aladdin’s Cave laden with jewels, which will find their way into a spectacular piece of H. STERN’s jewelry.

H Stern Crystal Power RingsFashion has had a positive effect on jewelry, and the name H. STERN is widely respected, where their jewelry is frequently worn by heads-of-state, as well as seen on the Red Carpets around the world where they have been worn by such celebrities as Lucy Liu, Eva Langoria, Teri Hatcher, Beyonce Knowles, Finola Hughes and Sandra Oh, to name just a few, and their custom designed pieces are frequently seen in films (including Austin Powers, Legally Blonde, Intolerable Cruelty). Whether you are a celebrity, or just want to feel like one, H. STERN creates pieces designed to thrill the jewelry lover in all of us.

H Stern Fluid Gold
Fluid Gold

When I asked Ms. Hansen about her personable favorites, she told me that her favorite piece is their 10’ Fluid Gold necklace in matte 18K yellow gold, an extremely versatile piece that can be worn as a multi-strand necklace, or wrapped around your wrist or arm to create a large band of gold bracelet, which was how she was wearing hers. She also was wearing the Diane Von Furstenberg rutilated quartz shot with gold “power ring” that was designed with imperfections, to make it interesting. When I took a look at that ring, I felt like I was looking at the super-hero Wonder Woman’s ring.

H Stern Cobblestone Bracelet
Cobblestone Bracelet

As for me, I love their Cobblestone designs, which were inspired by the cobblestone streets of Buzios in Brazil. The pieces are gorgeous crystals and diamonds set in polished 18K noble gold in varying sizes and shapes set in cobblestone patterns to create earrings, rings and bracelets. I also would love to own their 10’ Fluid Gold necklace, just in case “Santa” is listening. Then again, with 2 new collections per year, Santa can always find something for me there! H. STERN celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Congratulations, to H. STERN on their achievement in innovation, style and creativity in the world of jewelry.

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645 Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street
New York, New York 10022

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