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Written by Debra C. Argen   

BB KingThe legendary blues guitarist BB King rocked the  Palace Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut.



BB KingNeither rain, nor sleet, nor an impending snowstorm, stopped BB King and his band from bringing down the house with their unique style. BB King and his nine member band consisting of Stanley Abernathy on Trumpet, Melvin Jackson on Tenor Sax, Walter Riley King, (BB King's nephew) on Big Baritone, James Olden the Bandleader on 2nd Trumpet, Reggie Richards on Bass, Charlie "Tuna" Dennis on Guitar, Ernest Vantrease on Keyboards, and Caleg Emphry on Drums, capture the blues as few performers can.

With a snowstorm in the making on February 25, 2007, when BB King came on stage he told the audience "If I were you, I would have stayed home, but I am glad that you came." BB King opened with one of his favorite songs, "I Need You So," which had him doing a little shimmying in his chair, which got the audience hooting, hollering, dancing in their seats, and indeed glad that they came.

BB KingPart of BB King's captivating style is his down-home approach where he talks to the audience as if they were all just sitting  around in his living room having a conversation, interspersed between his songs; he is the ultimate storyteller.

The compelling "Blues Man" lyrics, "I've traveled for miles around, seems like everybody wanna put me down, because I'm a blues man, but a good man, understand," and continues with "Good things come to those who wait, and I've waited a long time, I'm a bluesman, but a good man, understand," really drove home the underlying feeling of the travel weary blues musician. BB King and his band know all about the blues of being on the road, having traveled to over 95 countries.

Other numbers included "When Love Comes to Town," "Darling you Know I Love You," "Early Every Morning" with the audience joining in, "Nobody Loves Me but My Mother (and she could be jivin', too)" had the audience chuckling.

BB KingEver playful, when he asked the men to join in and sing the chorus of "Ain't That Just Like a Woman," he told them, "Ladies are the greatest thing on the planet. All ladies are beautiful, but they can be mean, so, men, ask your ladies for permission before you start singing, " which brought a laugh, followed by the audience singing along with BB.

To appease the ladies after teasing them, he then asked the men to sing "You are my Sunshine" to their special someone, and encouraged the ladies to give the gentlemen a few well-deserved kisses after the song, just as the house lights came on.

When he sang "Key to the Highway" with the lyrics "Give me one more kiss mama, just before I go, cause when I leave this time you know I won't be back no more" he left the audience hoping that he will indeed be back around.

BB King ended the evening with "The Thrill is Gone," but believe me, the thrill was definitely there. BB King is pure magic, and at 81 years old, he is still the King of Blues.

Bonnie Humphreys playing with BB KingAt the conclusion of the concert, BB King brought out the young and talented opening act, Johnny Duke and the Aces, ("Johnny Duke" Lippincott on guitar, Cam Tyler on Drums and back-up vocals, Ian "the Wild Man" Walsh on Bass, and Noah Schy on keyboards and back-up vocals), a high-energy blues band, to join his band and share in the finale limelight, and invited a young flutist, Bobbie Humphreys, to play along with the band. Always a promoter of young talent, BB King knows how to share the spotlight.

The Stamford Center for the Arts features world-class artists and performances at the Rich Forum and the Palace Theatre, is conveniently located to New York, and is only a 46-minute train ride from Grand Central Terminal in New York to Stamford, Connecticut.

For information on upcoming shows, please contact the Stamford Center for the Arts.

Stamford Center for the Arts
Palace Theatre
61 Atlantic Street
Stamford, Connecticut 06901
Telephone:      +1 203 325 4466
Fax:                 +1 203-358 2313  

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