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Guido Borelli - Artist PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen   

Guido Borelli - il giardinoItalian artist Guido Borelli intrinsically draws the viewer into his paintings; his visuals are so inviting that you would like to enter the scene that he has created, sit down, and soak up the ambience.


Guido BorelliI have long been a collector of Guido Borelli's art, where I am in extremely good company with his enviable collector client list. He had his first exhibition in 1969 at the Ars Plauda Gallery in Turin, Italy, and has since exhibited his work throughout the world drawing great interest and attention from international galleries and worldwide collectors. In fact, it was at an art exhibition in the United States in 2002 where I first became acquainted with his work. Since then, I have not only enjoyed following Guido's progression as an artist, but also have added pieces of his work to my art collection throughout the years.

A longtime resident of Turin, Italy, Guido grew up in nearby Caluso, Italy at the foothills of the Italian Alps, where he was encouraged by his family to artistically express himself. By the time he was somewhere around the age of 6 years old he had discovered and fell in love with painting, and as they say, the rest is history. Today, after spending more than 30 years as a professional artist, he told me that he still cannot wait to paint each day and express his latest inspirations on canvas, and the mere thought of ever doing anything else for a career is totally unfathomable to him.

Brasserie Jade
Brasserie Jade

In his new work, il giardino, (the garden) an oil on canvas, (24x30 inches/61x76cm), the landscape is so lush and welcoming with a white chair poised at the edge of the garden, that I felt like I wanted to sit in that chair and soak up the dappled light filtering through the palm trees onto the colorful flowers in terra cotta pots; nove pesciolini rosso, (nine little red fish), a colorful and whimsical oil on canvas (24x24 inches/61x61cm), captured my eye with its playful movement of the fish; and Arona, a large scale painting, captures his eloquent landscape style.

il giardino
il giardino

Among his many recent commissions was a series of eight brasserie paintings for the Blockhouse Company a restaurant chain in Germany, where his work now graces all of their restaurants, and clearly showcases his ability to engage the viewer in his almost voyeuristic view of café life.


Guido Borelli - not taking oneself too seriouslyFor an artist, Guido describes his approach to painting as a lifelong progress that continues to ever change and evolve, where each day that you paint you discover something new, how you learn that varying your brush or how you make your strokes can create a different technique, and how quickly you must work the brush to get the desired effect before the paint dries. He finds inspiration for painting by concentrating on what he wants to do, and most of all, by taking a humorous approach when it comes to life and not taking oneself too seriously.


Although Guido Borelli's art may be found at international galleries around the world, speaking with him recently I learned that his latest debut would be in the cinematic world when his print of Le Barche Sul Canale appears in a scene in the upcoming film SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD made by Universal Pictures starring Michael Cera, which is currently in pre-production. Knowing Guido for the past 7 years, I am never too surprised to learn of his latest achievements.

Robin un Altro Bicchiere Prima di Pranzo
Robin un Altro Bicchiere Prima di Pranzo

He and his wife, Danka Weitzen who is also a highly respected and talented professional artist, live in Turin, Italy, where they share their house with a charming menagerie of cats and a dog. For more information on Guido Borelli and his art, as well as his upcoming exhibitions, and the many international galleries that carry his paintings, please visit the Guido Borelli website at:

Guido Borelli
Turin, Italy
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