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Prouts Neck, Maine - When a Walk Becomes an Adventure PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta   
Adventure Kid - Debra Argen walking the Maine Coastline - photo by Luxury Experience
While we were staying at the Black Point Inn in Prouts Neck, Scarborough, Maine The Adventure Kids Debra C. Argen and Edward F. Nesta explored the famous Cliff Walk where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the breathtakingly beautiful rocky coast. So, when does a 1.75-mile walk become an interesting adventure? When the walk in question is in New England where as the Connecticut author, Mark Twain so aptly stated, "If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes."


The exclusive community of Prouts Neck is located at the end of the Scarborough Maine peninsula where the Atlantic Ocean wraps around the rocky coastline. On a warm, but slightly overcast and foggy morning in late June 2013, with map in hand, we set off down a luxuriant green grass path leading to the 1.75-mile Cliff Walk. Along the way, we stopped to admire the colorful flowers in full bloom, their fragrance lightly perfuming the air. 

Entry Path to Prouts Neck coastline walk - photo by Luxury Experience
Path to Prouts Neck Coastline Walk

Roses growing along the Prouts Neck, Maine coastline- photo by Luxury Experience Bequtiful Flowers - Prouts Neck, Maine- photo by Luxury Experience
Beauty Along the Walk 

A short stroll later, we reached the quaint Black Point Inn Ocean Pump House circa 1919, where the aptly named Cliff Walk began. The walk hugged the Prouts Neck coastline and provided us with a unique perspective of the land and the sea, as the paths lead us over grassy areas, small rocks, large boulders, and up steps made of rock.

Black Point Inn Pump House along Prout Neck, Maine coastline walk- photo by Luxury Experience
Black Point Inn Pump House
The "Official" Starting Point of the Walk

Prouts Neck is shaped like a closed fist at the end of an arm, and as we rounded each bend, we enjoyed discovering its many secrets and its rich diversity. Some parts of the coastline are rough and rocky with waves wild and unyielding as they break over the rocks. Other areas are low lying where the gentler breaking waves create interesting tidal pools, and still other areas lead to secluded sandy beaches perfect for exploring or relaxing. 

Maine Coastline- photo by Luxury Experience
Maine Coastline Shapes the Walk

We also passed magnificent summer residences, a heady mix of vintage and newer homes, as well as the Winslow Homer Studio the summer home of the American artist who called Prouts Neck home from 1883 until his death in 1910. 

Winslow Homer Studio in fog - photo by Luxury Experience
Winslow Homer Studio in the Fog

Although one could stick strictly to the path, adventure is where you find it, and as we had worn sturdy footwear, we opted to take the more interesting route by climbing over the rocks, inspecting the tidal pools, and walking along the beach looking for shells and other forgotten treasures. 

Debra Argen treking along the Maine Coastline at Prouts Neck, Maine - photo by Luxury Experience  Edward Nesta treking the Maine Coastline in Prouts Neck, Maine - photo by Luxury Experience
Adventure Kids Navigating the Maine Coastline

What we discovered during our walk was that the topography of Prouts Neck is as diverse as the New England weather, rough-hewn stones gave way to ocean tumbled smooth stones and then yielded into an enchanting mélange of stones and shells. 

Shells on the Beach, Prouts Neck, Maine- photo by Luxury Experience

Smooth Stone along the beach of Prouts Neck, Maine - photo by Luxury Experience
Nature's way of Organizing Shells and Smooth Stones

In keeping with the changing weather, over the course of our adventure, fog and mist turned to a light to moderate rain, our cameras hidden under our shirts to keep them safe from the elements, dirt paths suddenly became muddy ones, and deep puddles developed. Straddling the edges of the path over the pooling water or walking over planks set over the puddles, we continued along, albeit at a much slower pace to keep from sliding on the wet grass or in the mud.

Pathways on the Prouts Neck Coastline walk, Maine - photo by Luxury Experience
Pathways Encountered Along the Way

Sometimes a little rain though is a good thing in that it does force you to slow you down. Bending low to escape wet low hanging brush, we happened to see nature's work in progress, a spider weaving its intricate web, glistening with raindrops as the sun started to break through the clouds, and Forget-Me-Nots interspersed with Buttercups, and Morning Glories edged the path like nature's precious exclamation points. 

Spider Web - - photo by Luxury Experience
The Beauty of a Spider's Web

By the time we reached the end of the Cliff Walk, true to New England weather, the fog had lifted, the sun was out, and although we would have loved to have started the walk over again to experience the Cliff Walk in the bright sunshine, sometimes you can overdue a good thing. Besides, it was almost lunchtime, and fresh seafood was calling our names. 

Forget-me-nots - Prouts Neck, Maine - photo by Luxury Experience   Morning Glory - Prouts Neck, Maine- photo by Luxury Experience
Forget-me-Nots and Morning Glory dot the Coastline

Read more about Maine in the Destinations, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants: The Point Restaurant, Restaurants: The Chart Room on Prouts Neck, and Chefs' Recipes section for the interview and recipes from Chef William Benner who graciously provides a delicious taste of The Point Restaurant. 

Inviting Beaches - Prouts Neck, Maine- photo by Luxury Experience
Inviting Beaches Await You

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Gnarly Tree along coastline of Prouts Neck, Maine - photo by Luxury Experience
Gnarled Tree - The Surprises Along the Way

© July 2013 Luxury Experience. All rights reserved.

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